Adult Faith Formation





Facilitators: Discussions are led by Marty Henry, Don Chabot.
What: The Socratic Method is used in teaching. The group purpose is to study the scriptures in “the light of modern scholarship” as is stated in The Jerome Biblical Commentary. All materials are supplied.
Where: A pre-designated classroom in the parish hall.
When: Classes are held in the Spring and Fall each year. Spring classes begin in mid to late April and end in early June. Fall classes begin in mid to late September and end in early December. 9:30AM – 11:00AM



Facilitator: Betty Foley 508-477 -8477
What: An informal gathering of women to discuss spiritual issues/share thought and questions we might have.
Where: Classroom C
When: 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9 – 10:30AM



What: Parish library with 4000+ audio, video, and books plus several subscriptions to Catholic magazines and publications are available for review/take out (A/V and books). The age range is from pre-birth to coping with aging and death/dying. Approximately 66% of the library usage is derived from our children’s books and audio/video sections. Our book categories include pro-life, health, spirituality, and prayer to mention a few among more than 40 categories.
Where: While our location is behind the stage (our hidden jewel) in the auditorium, the extra steps to take advantage of our offerings, many of which aren’t available at the public library, are well worth the effort.
When: The library is open whenever the church complex is open. Most weekdays, we have a volunteer staff person available after morning Mass for about an hour (9AM to 10AM) and Sunday mornings after masses. Signing out books or A/Vs is a snap. Just follow the directions posted in our foyer and at the desk. Assistance can be provided when staffed.



Facilitators:  Pam Woods 508-759-2737; Marie Butler 508-539-4926
What: We offer an opportunity for praise, worship and thanksgiving to the Lord. After a few opening prayers, the Rosary is prayed. This is followed with song and worship, which we alternate throughout the evening. There is time for spiritual reflection and prayer requests.
Where: Classroom C
When: Monday evenings, 7:00 PM – 8:30PM


What:  This program is designed for men and women who wish to become Catholic. The Catechumens, that is, adults who have never been baptized in any Christian religion and the Candidates, that is, baptized non-catholics, make up the membership of this group. Classes are held on a regularly scheduled basis. The instructors are a team of adult catechists who work with the director in formulating the curriculum and liturgical celebrations. The Catechumens are baptized and the candidates received into the church and both groups are confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass each year.  Information for prospective members or catechists can be obtained by calling the Parish Office. The same program for children is also available. Contact Deacon David Pierce at 508-477-7700 ext. 13,


What: This group is for all who want to understand and reflect on scripture in light of your own faith experience. Using materials provided, the group prepares for the following Sunday readings. Open to all. Come when you can.
Where: Classroom D
When: Thursday mornings from 9:15 – 10:00AM



Organizing Committee:  Parishes: Christ the King, Mashpee; Our Lady of Victory, Centerville; Our Lady of the Assumption,  Osterville; and St. Anthony, East Falmouth

What: Prominent speakers are invited to speak on current Catholic issues to further education and faith development. Parishioners from the three parishes are invited.
Where: Christ the King Parish Hall
When:  June, July and  August – one speaker for each month. 



Coordinator: Karen Mullaly Sweeney 508.420.0443
What: Walking With Purpose is a new spiritual program at Christ the King Parish. It enables women to know
Christ through Scripture. The program is offering a 9 week study.
Where:Christ The King Parish Classroom B
When: February 16th – April 19th  7 – 9PM 



What: What’s Missing offers the opportunity for confirmed adults to
explore and discuss their Catholic faith. This education series is for
those who wish to fill the gaps in their journey of faith in a fun and
lively group setting!
We discuss many things from Catholic roots, Where is Jesus, Why do we do
what we do at Mass,  to do you know why it is you are Catholic? The
team works with the groups input  to  formulate the curriculum.  We meet
about twice a month (every other Monday) Starting Sept 17th at 7pm. In
class room B1-2. What draws people in to our group is the opportunity to
learn more about our Faith, ask the questions they have without fear of
judgment, and to develop a better relationship with God.
Contact info is Deacon Robert Lemay at,