Offering a Mass ~ Whose Mass Is It?

Fr.-Ed-Healeys-First-Mass-7.2.2016-024It is an ancient custom that people may request a priest to offer Mass for a relative  or  friend  either living  or  dead  so that the merits of the celebration may provide a blessing to them in this life or on their  way  to  their  ultimate  destination in the next. An offering given to the priest for this  purpose binds  his  intention  meaning that he may not offer the Mass for anyone else. Our custom is to mention the name of the person for whom the priest is obliged to  offer  the  Mass,  and  thus  to  ask others present to pray for them as well. While we will continue to do that in our parish it is technically not necessary and may give the impression that the Mass “belongs” exclusively  to  the person  for  whom  the  priest is  bound  to  offer  it.  That  is  unfortunate, because other than the priest who has accepted the offering for a specific intention, all others who are present and participating  at  Mass  are free to offer the Mass for any and all whom they wish.

However, there are some days of the year where this ought to be made clearer by not accepting offerings for specific intentions; these  include  Christmas,  Holy  Thursday, Easter, Memorial Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, All Souls’  Day,  Veterans’ Day and  Thanksgiving Day. The challenge in our parish is that so many are asking for so many Masses that nearly all those that will be celebrated in 2017 are already reserved. This creates a situation that is discouraged by the Church because we do not know the future or with any certainty that there will be a priest available to celebrate the Mass that has been reserved so far in advance. It is also an injustice in that when a family suffers an unexpected loss during this upcoming year there is not one Mass available to be offered by the priest for their deceased loved one.

Thus going forward with the 2018 Mass Book, it will not open to reserve Masses until 6 months in advance, and will do so by only 6 months at a time, thus the Mass book will open this July for the months of January through June of 2018 and in January for the months of July through December. Masses can be requested by submitting a form  which  will  be  available  in  the  office. Parishioners are  asked  to  make  their requests in a spirit of charity and justice realizing that there is a limited number of  Masses celebrated in the parish during any one year thus asking for more  than an anniversary Mass for the same person may mean that Mass cannot be offered for someone else’s loved one at all.

If parishioners want multiple  Masses  offered for the same person it is recommended that they allow the parish to give some of these to priests known to us who depend upon these for their support, thus your  loved  one  will  benefit  from an even greater act of charity along with the merits of the Mass.


Liturgical Changes to Begin the First Sunday of Lent

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Fr.-Ed-Healeys-First-Mass-7.2.2016-006-768x1024ALTAR AND ROSARY SOCIETY: This dedicated group of women and men is responsible for cleaning the sanctuary areas of both the church and the chapel. Taking care of the vestments, cloths and items used for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are opportunities scheduled on a rotation basis involving about an hour’s work every several weeks. Some members also take on the responsibility of washing the small linens, albs and sewing the baptismal robes.


ALTAR SERVERS: Being an altar server offers a unique opportunity for the boys and girls of our parish to become an active part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations. Boys and girls from the fourth grade on up who attend Mass regularly are eligible for this service to the Church. Periodic classes are scheduled for training and announced in the bulletin.
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USHERS: What are Ushers ? Ushers at Christ The King Parish are the “Door Keepers and the Welcome Team” that make ready the Way of the Lord.-They are a Dedicated group of Men & Women (Young and Old ), that perform a real service to GOD and the Church by providing a Strong sense of community. We have Senior Ushers (over 50) the Now Generation ( 30 to 50) and the New Generation (Teens to 30), all members of this most important Team. “We Need You-Be One of Us” contact the parish office at




DAILY MASS SERVERS: This ministry is for adult men and women who attend daily Mass regularly. Along with serving daily Mass, they are also called upon to serve funerals. Contact Fr. Edward Healey


SACRISTANS: These men and women prepare the sanctuary for weekday and weekend masses, funerals, weddings and other functions.


LECTORS: Lectors proclaim the Word of God at the Eucharist and certain devotions. Training is offered for those who have never done this before. Persons of all ages are welcome.



EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF THE EUCHARIST: These men and women are chosen to give service to their brothers and sisters at Mass by distributing Holy Communion. People are chosen on the basis of their consistent faith as well as their moral standing in the community. Desire to be considered can be expressed to the pastor of the parish.
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Donny Nolan is our Music Ministry Director & Director of Adult Choir

ADULT CHOIR: This group is comprised of parishioners who are dedicated to their special ministry. They are mostly non-professional singers who simply enjoy singing. The choir sings weekly at Mass and for all special events and celebrations. Contact Donny Nolan







Director Elizabeth Beckel A fun way to meet others and participate in the church community through music, singing, playing an instrument, or announcing songs at Liturgy. We meet at 4:30 on Sunday evenings to rehearse the music for the 5:30 Mass. Young adults from junior high on are invited to join. Contact Beth Beckel