Pastoral Council





The Parish of Christ the King Pastoral Council

2013 ~ 2014





The Pastoral Council of the Parish of Christ the King, consisting of sixteen members, is the primary advisory and consultative body to Msgr. Hoye.  As a group, the members represent the parish and plan, advise, and collaborate with him on matters of pastoral concern.  They work on long-range planning and advise, evaluate and support activities of the parish.
The council meets four times a year unless it is necessary to meet more often.  

The members of the 2013-2114 Council are:


Back Brian Hyde, Deacon David Pierce, Deacon  Deacon Brendon Brides, Fran Parsons, Patti Bakaur, Mike Kondracki, Jack Donohoe. Front: Deacon Paul Harney, Mary Burke, Msgr. Daniel Hoye, Mary Becker, Joan Levesque, Marion Mooney. (Absent from the photo are: Kevin Agostinelli, David Reilly and Kathy Laird,)


The prayer for Pastoral Councils is said at the beginning of the meetings.

Ever living God
You gather us together
As a parish of Christ the King
To carry the Gospel of Christ to all people

Bless the members of this parish council
Let your spirit enlighten their minds
And guide all their actions
That they may be renewed in faith,
United in love,
And bring to fulfillment the work of your church
To your greater honor and glory.

We ask this through Christ our Lord



The minutes of the October 2013 meeting are available in the parish office.

Past Accomplishments by the Pastoral Council

During the past three years the Pastoral Council has worked on strategic goals that were identified by Msgr. Hoye.  One of the ongoing outcomes from the work is a process for welcoming new parishioners through various ways such as displaying welcome posters, sending out packets and welcoming letters, encouraging new parishioners to become involved, and having receptions for new parishioners.

Another strategic goal, reaching out to non-practicing Catholics, was achieved by presenting the program, Catholics Returning Home, three times.  This is a five-week program that has been very successful. The next offering is scheduled for May 2011.

Another goal that was identified by Msgr. Hoye and the council members was getting more youth involved.  The Youth Ministry activities were enhanced when Kathy Laird was hired as a part-time ministry director.  She has created and supported a number of very successful fund raising and spiritual events.

The minutes of the January 2014 meeting are available, upon request, at the Parish Office.  The next scheduled meeting is October 28, 2014.  Parishioners are invited to contact Msgr. Hoye with any item they would like brought up for discussion at the the next meeting.