Christ The King Parish

Catholic Education

“Coming from a public school environment, I wanted a place that is not only grounded much more heavily in faith but felt more like a family. …We get to spend a lot more time focusing on the student’s individual needs.” ~Hannah Pease, teacher, and parent, St. Stanislaus School.

There is no better time than now to Rediscover Catholic Schools!

Catholic schools are a close community of students, parents, teachers, and staff all working together to achieve the same goal of creating saints.  To achieve this, Catholic schools naturally foster the development of character, faith, and academic skills required to be successful in a world longing for more good people.  So how are Catholic schools uniquely able to do this?

  • Our focus on each child as a gift from God ensures that children get the personalized attention and care they need to thrive.  Our Catholic schools educate the hearts and minds of students. 
  • Catholic schools continue to academically outperform public schools.  The most recent national reading and mathematics assessment results show Catholic schools continue to stand out.   [Source:]
  • Our teachers and staff are called to a vocation. They love what they do, and, as lifelong educators, they believe it is their calling to help every student infuse the love of Christ within themselves and the lives of their families.
  • We recognize that school is more than academicsit’s the whole experience. Athletics, the arts, and co-curricular activities build friendships and form a family bond. These experiences are an extension of the classroom and another way to teach virtue, respect, and accountability.

As Bishop da Cunha says, “The value of Catholic schools and what Catholic schools do for our young people no one else can do.  We can offer not only a quality academic education, but we offer values and faith.”

Understanding that choosing a school for your child is a big decision that has a significant impact on their future, we welcome you to explore all that our schools have to offer!

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Here are some things that our families have to say:

  • “Mrs. Kelley is so professional and dedicated at everything she does. My son is attending JPII for the second year and he always praises his Principal Mrs. Kelley. She is caring, accessible, and on top of everything !!!  Mrs. Kelley always makes sure everyone is well and succeeds in every aspect. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Kelley 🙂”
  • “From my son, Parker: ‘Ms. King understands kids. She makes everyone ready for the next grade. She helped me gain more confidence and helped me with things I struggled with. She likes talking with kids in every grade, not just her class.’ ”
  • “Mrs. Costa consistently goes above and beyond for her students and families. Because of her encouragement, patience, and guidance, our daughter is blossoming; her self-esteem and confidence are at an all-time high, and her face lights up whenever she talks about her teacher.”

School principals and leaders are ready to answer any questions and welcome new families to the Catholic school community.  Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with finding the right Catholic school for your child!