Catholic Women’s Club

Community Life/Social ~ Fostering Fellowship

The Catholic Women’s Club of Christ the King Parish welcomes women of all ages to participate. Members of the Women’s Club focus on its mission which is spiritual renewal, fund-raising for the parish, and social events throughout the year. The Woman’s Club’s monthly meetings and activities provide opportunities to meet new people, renew friendships, and participate in the vibrant life of Christ the King Parish.

Members of the club are women who enjoy each other’s company while adding to the strength of our parish. Participation in the club provides opportunities for developing social relationships while pursuing individual interests and talents. The club’s activities include meetings, social afternoon and evening events, a summer fair, a bake sale, an annual raffle, a Christmas bazaar, and combined events with other parish organizations.


To become a member please click application to print the form, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form or dropped off at the Parish Office.

Catholic Women's Club Annual Scholarship 2023

Applicant must be a high school senior who has been an active member of Christ the King parish and who has been accepted to a four-year accredited college or a two-year accredited junior college in order to qualify.

Applications must be returned by May 1, 2023


May 19, 2023 ~ History of Jordan Marsh with Anthony Sammarco 
Lunch of Quiche and  Jordan  Marsh Blueberry  Muffins, 12:00 Parish Hall 
June Date TBD ~ Mass followed by scholarship presentation and brunch/lunch in Parish Hall

On Friday, April 21, 2023 members of the Catholic Women’s Club and guests gathered in the Parish Hall for a lighthearted program of musical entertainment. The Cape Cod Ukulele Club kept the enthusiastic audience entertained with a performance and sing a long of favorites from the 50’s along with music from Frank Sinatra, and numbers such as Mac the Knife and Ain’t Misbehavin. The group’s leader, Cathy Hatch, kept the interactive program sparkling with her wearing of different hats and use of squeaky toys which brought emphasis and connection to the songs be strummed by the musicians. This fun presentation left all who attended with a smile! Many thanks to Cathy Hatch and the Cape Cod Ukulele Club for a great program.

St. Patrick's Day

On Friday, March 17, 2023, over 100 guests gathered in the Parish Hall to celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick with a luncheon sponsored by the Catholic Women’s Club to benefit the Club’s Scholarship Fund. In addition to the buffet which served Shepherd’s Pie, tossed garden salad, Irish soda bread, rolls and coconut cake for dessert along with coffee and green lemonade, there was a robust raffle offering guests the opportunity to take a chance on winning one of five lovely gift baskets. The highlight of the luncheon was the performance by members of Kanaley School of Irish Dance who stepped their way into the hearts of all attending the luncheon. The festive luncheon and performance put a smile on eveybody’s face and was a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, 2023.

Lenten Morning of Reflection

On Friday, February 24, 2023 members and friends of the Catholic Women’s Club gathered in the Parish Hall to welcome Deacon Peter Schutzler who presented his reflections on: LENT: A Time for Healing ~ A Time for Renewal. The gathering began with a beautiful prayer, one that was authored by Blessed John Henry Newman.

Deacon’s two part presentation began with a discussion on how complex and chaotic our lives have become because so much has changed in the past twenty years due to the ever burgeoning influence of social media. We need to assess and evaluate our use of social media because we can become overwhelmed and distracted by the constant noise around us. ( iPhones, constant news media, music and entertainment media, messaging, TikTok, etc.) How can we do this? We can STOP and QUIET ourselves and tune out the noise.

Social media offers many quick, easy answers and people are being led away from the Church. In a world of ‘reality’ communications we have become a divided nation. What is the source of truth?
The past has had many times like these. Interestingly, the greeting of ‘Peace’ is still commonplace in the world, in so many forms. Also, ‘Be Not Afraid’…we need to HEAR these expressions. We need to quiet ourselves.

Deacon Schutzler shared his love for and the story of Francis DeSales and his friendship with Jane DeChantel, both of whom became saints. The concept of the Universal Call to Holiness is rooted in St. Francis because he believed that all people are called to sainthood. Family life and marriage were very important to Francis. He encouraged laughter and saw the relationship with God as a love affair with the key to love of God being prayer. The test of prayer is how one acts. Deacon Schutzler asked the question, “What are WE doing for Lent?” We are asked during Lent to fast, give alms, and pray. We are not asked, “What are you giving up?” St. Francis encouraged being prayerful in our thoughts, actions, etc. Prayer is a dialogue and the foundation for prayer is to be present, in silence, in a specific place of peace for yourself. It helps to be settled, quiet, attentive and silent in prayer. Lent is the ideal time to just STOP. Since prayer is dialogue, start with making a request: “Jesus, what do you want or need me to hear?”

For the second part of his presentation Deacon Schutzler began by asking “What is Jesus’ plan for us?” Prayer can bring about healing. Living prayerfully leads to God’s healing. We can encounter Jesus who is truly present in the Eucharist. We can encounter Jesus in the Monstrance. When Jesus is present in the Monstrance it is ‘Holy Radiation’. The more often we can be in His presence is gift.
When we pray, when we are in dialogue with God, we are supposed to hear something. He speaks to us in many ways. Often He speaks to us through others and sometimes WE are God’s word to others…very powerful to contemplate. Our thoughtfulness is the beginning of sanctity.

While we understand that Lent is a journey it is also about ‘back to basics’. Lent is a time to reset, to renew, to heal. We need to renew the basics ~ The Beatitudes.

When Jesus preached the Beatitudes to the Jews who just wanted to be rid of the oppressive Romans, he taught them how to lIve in a way that was foreign to them. The Beatitudes taught them, and teach us, how to be.


In naming each Beatitude the Deacon defined its meaning.

Those who are poor in spirit recognize their need for God.
Those who mourn are talking of mourning for our sins.

Those who are meek exibit strength under control; we can leverage our strength for the benefit of God.

Those who hunger for righteousness have a desperate craving for God; a thirst wanting to be with Jesus.

Those who are merciful must release the wrongs of others. We must have mercy for others as God has mercy for us.

Those who are peacemakers have received the peace of God and must spread that peace to others and communicate Christ.

Those who are persecuted for righteousness should be joyful in the face of persecution.

The Sermon on the Mount extends well beyond the listing of the Beatitudes as Jesus teaches how we should live the Beatitudes.


Finally, Lent is a time of Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. Lent is an invitation to reconnect with God through prayer, dialogue, quiet and listening.


The Morning of Reflection concluded with the recitation by all of the opening prayer, daily recited by Mother Theresa.

The Catholic Women’s Club extends its grateful appreciation to Deacon Peter Schutzler for being with us, for sharing his thoughtful presentation and inviting all present to a deeper reflection on the Season on Lent.

January Meeting

On Friday, January 28, 2023, members of the Catholic Women’s Club gathered in the Parish Center for An Afternoon at the Movies. To accompany the movie viewing there was a delicious variety of snacks, a favorite one being freshly popped popcorn from Roche Bros. along with an assortment of beverages.


Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris was the movie selection, a lighthearted comedy-drama, the third adaptation of the 1958 novel Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico. The film stars Lesley Manville who was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. The film has also been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design.


In 1950’s London, the widowed Mrs. Harris, falls in love with a couture Christian Dior dress and decides that she needs to have one of her own. After working feverishly to save enough money for the trip to Paris and a Dior gown, she sets off on a journey of incredibly unexpected experiences that will change her life and, at the same time, change the direction of the House of Dior! This film intertwines comedy, sadness, common sense, aloofness, love intrigue, kindness, self awareness, and sweetness in a charming and sensitive story that should keep the viewer not only entertained but also grounded. The film was a great choice for a winter afternoon and was truly enjoyed by all!

Annual Catholic Women's Club Christmas Bazaar

2022 Catholic Women's Club Scholarship Award

Left to right Jeanne Dennis Co-president CWC, Jonah Erdman, Jake Walman, Fr. Healey, Emelia Alliegro, Abigail McGrory, Gail Reilly Co-President CWC.

The life of Amelia Earhart

CWC welcomed members and guests to a fun and informative program.  Sheryl Faye presented a one-woman show about the life of Amelia Earhart.  She immersed the audience in a multimedia learning experience. 
It was a perfect event to bring everyone together in person after a long 2 years.  


MODERATOR ~ Rev. Edward Healey

President ~ Jeanne Dennis
Treasurer ~ Diane Krahanzel 
Past President/Advisor ~ Gail Reilly
~ Julie Purcell
Recording Secretary ~ Susan Riley
Corresponding Secretary ~ Joanne Holmes

~ Julie Purcell
Hospitality ~ Teri Sweatman
Publicity ~ Marion Mooney
~ Carol DeVincent