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The Catholic Women’s Club of Christ the King Parish welcomes women of all ages to participate. Members of the Women’s Club focus on its mission which is spiritual renewal, fund-raising for the parish, and social events throughout the year. The Woman’s Club’s monthly meetings and activities provide opportunities to meet new people, renew friendships, and participate in the vibrant life of Christ the King Parish.
Members of the club are women who enjoy each other’s company while adding to the strength of our parish. Participation in the club provides opportunities for developing social relationships while pursuing individual interests and talents. The club’s activities include meetings, social afternoon and evening events, a summer fair, a bake sale, an annual raffle, a Christmas bazaar, and combined events with other parish organizations.
To become a member please click for an application, print the form, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form or dropped off at the Parish Office. If you have any questions or comments, please go to “contact us”, all submissions go directly to the parish office.


Bake Sale, October 8th & 9th after most Masses
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October 14, 2022 @ 1:00 pm Parish Hall
For a Haunting Presentation by Cape Cod’s
Author Barbara Sillery
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2022 Scholarship Award

Left to right Jeanne Dennis Co-president CWC, Jonah Erdman, Jake Walman, Fr. Healey, Emelia Alliegro, Abigail McGrory, Gail Reilly Co-President CWC.

CWC welcomed members and guests to a fun and informative program.  Sheryl Faye presented a one-woman show about the life of Amelia Earhart.  She immersed the audience in a multimedia learning experience. 
It was a perfect event to bring everyone together in person after a long 2 years.  


The Catholic Women’s Club Annual
Scholarship Awards ~ Congratulations
Nicholas Reilly, Teaghan Herren, Gina Daggert, Lydia Fitton-Alves

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Friday, February 26, 2021, Lenten Mass for the Catholic Women’s Club


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Due to the Corona Virus, all Events are on hold.

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On Friday morning, February 21, members and friends of the Catholic Women’s Club gathered following the 8:30 Mass for a Pre-Lenten Morning of Reflection presented by Fr. John P. Kelleher, Pastor of St. Mary – Our Lady of the Isle, Nantucket. Following a time for socialization, coffee and a beautiful array of breakfast offerings, Club President Gail Reilly welcomed the attendees and introduced Father Kelleher.

The theme of Father Kelleher’s presentation was “Getting Busy Living: The Path to Fullness of Life”. Father rooted his remarks on the importance of the understanding that our desire to love and be loved never rests. Calling on the work of Matthew Kelly he reminded the listeners that one cannot live without love. Without love, one would die. He focused on the two Great Commandments: Love God above all else; Love you neighbor as yourself. Father stressed our need to ‘love more’. In doing so he then elaborated on the two obstacles to loving more: 1.) Material things 2.) Selective loving.

Outlining the myriad of ways in which material possessions can become the focus of a person’s life, the hazard is that our possessions and our own self-importance come to own us and not the reverse. There is very little proven correlation between great wealth, happiness and joy. Recalling the words of St. Paul, ‘So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love’. Without these three we love things and use people; with these three in our lives, we bring goodness and joy into the world. It is important to nurture our faith through prayer.

The second obstacle to loving more is selective loving. Jesus said ‘this is my commandment; love one another’. The hazard we face with selective loving is withholding love from those who are different from us. All are precious in the eyes of God who created them. Hatred only incites more hatred. It is time to ‘get busy living’, by loving all. Humility leads to true greatness – who we are – created in the image and likeness of God. It is truly not hard to be humble when we realize the one true source of our greatness.

In the second part of his presentation, Father Kelleher focused on the mission of Jesus and our mission as followers of Christ. Like Jesus, our mission is also ‘The Kingdom of God’. Jesus’ parables are all about the Kingdom of God. Everywhere Jesus went the Kingdom came alive because he responded to the real needs of the people. Our mission, like that of Jesus, is to spread the Kingdom through word and action. We are called to speak of our faith (word) to others because faith is meant to be shared. Indeed, (action) we live out the mission of Jesus by the way we live and treat people. The most powerful message is how we treat others, either through small acts of kindness or by supporting larger efforts to alleviate larger problems that can offer assistance to those in need. In spreading the Kingdom none of us can do everything but all of us can do something.

Some believe that Jesus modeled his life after the humble servant in Isaiah. Father explained the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘mishpat’ – compassionate justice to restore love, not seek revenge. Paraphrasing Boston College theologian Father Hines, ‘We have a right to give ourselves away, in love, for the benefit of others’. This is when the Kingdom of God is alive. We are called to love others into being lovers themselves. We can empower others by responding to their needs, healing their wounds, alleviating their fears. This empowerment is truly loving and compassionate justice…empowering through true love, not empowering independence. Our Church should be one of compassionate justice. Anything that makes people feel less free should be fought. There should be no obstacle to love.



On Friday afternoon, January 24, 2020, many members of the Women’s Club gathered in a quiet room in the Parish Center for An Afternoon At The Movies. The hilarious movie classic, “WOMEN”, circa 1939 and based on the Broadway play by Clare Boothe Luce, produced gales of laughter from the audience as it answered the burning question: “What do women talk about when there are no men around?” Movie style refreshments were served and a Movie Tickets basket was raffled off as part of the relaxing and entertaining afternoon.


The Catholic Women’s Club sponsored its Annual Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Parish Center. Featured were a variety of crafters selling lovely handmade items. Additionally, there were beautiful handcrafted live Christmas wreaths and seasonal arrangements, gift and cash raffles, lovely boutique items, jewelry, unique gift baskets, baked goods and a shopping room for children with face painting and games. Hungry shoppers could relax over lunch at the popular Holly Café. We wish to thank everyone who contributed to making this major fundraising event a success and a unique shopping experience for all who attended.


Veteran’s Day Tree Dedication ~ Catholic Women’s Club


On Friday, October 25, 2019, approximately 70 Catholic Women’s Club members were entertained by the talented ladies known as the Danzing Divaz. The Divaz are a lively group of senior dancers who came together via Zumba fitness classes. As a way to express their gratitude for the happiness they feel when dancing, they formed a troupe in 2012 to share their joy with others through their performances. Their goal is to elicit smiles and brighten days. Women’s Club members thoroughly enjoyed the energy, spirit, and fun provided by the Divaz and hope that they will return to perform again! The lovely afternoon ended with light refreshments.

Catholic Women’s Club Begins a New Year


On Friday, September 13, 2019, approximately 65 new and returning members of the Catholic Women’s Club gathered for the 2019-2020 opening liturgy celebrated by Father Edward Healey. Mary Ann Crowley was organist and Ginny Snook served as cantor for the Mass. Choir members were Diane Pocknett, Miki Lovett, Jackie Soltys, Sue Saia, and Jeanne LaPorte. Betty Foley and Dottie Cishek participated in the Mass as altar servers. Offertory gifts were brought forth by Jeanne Dennis and Gail Reilly.

Father introduced his homily by reminding us of the interesting and challenging times we live in, times not dissimilar to those of St. John Chrysostom, (c. 349 – 407) known as the “golden mouthed” preacher whose sermons could last as long as two hours. John was an ascetic who abhorred extravagance, was not an easy character, was loved by the people and hated by leadership. After serving as a priest in Syria he was brought to Constantinople where he found himself the reluctant victim of an imperial ruse to make him bishop in the greatest city in the empire. Though plagued with health issues he spoke out strongly against the extravagances of the wealthy and tried diligently to reform negligent bishops and ended up being exiled from 404 until his death. John was afraid of nothing and lived his life speaking the truth. As Father pointed out, John Chrysostom lived in an era when paganism was yielding to Christianity, the source of much conflict. Today, we live in an era when the reverse is happening, Christianity is yielding to secularization, again a time of much strife.

Mass was followed by a beautiful luncheon in the Parish Hall prepared by Jeanne Dennis. Assorted salads, finger sandwiches and desserts made up the menu. Prior to lunch President Gail Reilly welcomed everyone, introduced the Board members and outlined the upcoming programs. Jeanne Dennis invited all present to complete the ‘How Can You Help’ form and outlined some specific areas of need she will have for the Christmas Fair. Father Healey led the ladies in saying Grace before the meal and a lovely afternoon was enjoyed by all present.


MODERATOR ~ Rev. Edward Healey

Co-Presidents ~ Gail Reilly & Jeanne Dennis
Treasurer ~ Gail Reilly/Diane Krahanzel 
Advisor ~ Teri Sweatman
~ Jeanne Dennis
Recording Secretary ~ Susan Riley
Corresponding Secretary ~ Diane Kraihanzel


~ Jeanne Dennis/Kellie Alliegro
Time & Talent ~ Teri Sweatman
Fundraising Hospitality ~ Joanne Holmes
Publicity ~
Phone Calling ~ Barbara Lynch
~ Dottie Cishek