Word on Fire - Engage

What is Word on Fire?

Word on Fire reaches millions every year by effectively sharing the Gospel via podcasts, videos, books, articles, Scripture studies, and Gospel meditations. Word on Fire sets out into the deep to reveal what it means to truly encounter Christ by proclaiming the universality of the Catholic faith that is both ancient and forever new, reaching beyond the borders of country, background, or person.

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What is Flocknote?


Flocknote is a church management software designed to help churches send event notifications, cancellation updates, special Masses and more to members via email or text messages.


Flocknote is also used to give you access to the “Word on Fire – Engage”, digital library.


We are excited to announce that our parish now has access to premium video content from Word on Fire at no cost to you.

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MOST IMPORTANTLY you now have access to the digital library! Click Visit WoFDigital.org below and enjoy the experience and all the things you will learn!

These films and videos feature Bishop Robert Barron who has been hailed as “one of the Church’s greatest messengers” and is the second most-followed Catholic in the world on social media (behind only Pope Francis.)


He is best known for his CATHOLICISM film series and his Emmy-nominated Pivotal Players series, which have both aired on PBS and EWTN, and have been seen by millions of people.


Thanks to Flocknote, we can now send you short Bishop Barron videos with engaging questions via email or text message. We encourage you to participate in our parish discussions as together we draw deeper into the Faith.


In addition, you now have access to the entire Word on Fire digital video library. You can watch any of Bishop Barron’s films or study programs whenever you want, on any device at your own pace!