El Tablón/CTK

Champions for the Poor, peer-to-peer fundraisers for Food For the Poor, El Tablón

Paul Neville & Nick Matas

Food For The Poor is one of the largest international relief and development organization in the United States.


Our work is motivated by our faith in God, spreading His unconditional love, regardless of race, wealth, or creed as we minister to the poorest of the poor in 18 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.


By providing lifesaving food, secure housing, clean water, healthcare, emergency relief, micro-enterprise projects and education opportunities, we are giving the poor a chance at a better future, and showing them God’s love. Join us.

Annual Lenten Appeal

El Tablón ~ Reaching Beyond our Boarders

“It’s very important for us to not only care for the local poor but also to think beyond our own community, our own borders, and this helps us to do that.”


Fr. Edward Healey, Pastor


Christ the King Parish has been joyfully heeding the call of Paul & Nick’s mission since 2018.


From the beginning we have seen God’s hand in advancing this community, pushing back against the deprivation and tragedy that is an ever-present aspect of daily life in El Tablón. As donors, you are at the forefront of executing God’s plan for these poorest among us. None of what has been accomplished would have been possible without your generous contributions.

Please join us as we embark upon this latest project to raise up the poorest of the poor. This multi-phase project will enable El Tablon to become a truly sustainable community, meeting all basic needs while providing income-generating training to support the community on an ongoing basis. Specifically, 15 impoverished families will receive new homes, latrines, sinks, furniture, and fruit trees. We will address the dire need for potable water in El Tablon. Establish vocational training programs and provide school enhancements to ensure a strong foundation for sustainability.


Paul & Nick


Please note 100% of your donation goes directly to the needy of El Tablón. Your donation is tax deductable.




Since 2017, with the support of many generous donors, 110 newly-constructed and 34 totally-renovated homes have been built in El Tablón. Additionally, we saw the completion of 10 chicken farms, 6 pig farms, 50 vegetable gardens, planting of 550 fruit trees, and significant repairs to the roof of the community church.


The parish of Christ The King has truly transformed this community
from one of deprivation to a “shining city on a hill”.

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