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During this time of the pandemic please join us via live stream. Click the logo, once on the page scroll down to click the player to join us at Mass.


PARISH OFFICE – Due to the concerns with the pandemic and concern with rising cases, our parish office will continue to be closed until further notice. There will be someone in the office to answer calls and address any business that needs to be attended to.  Thank you for your understanding.

To Mask Or Not To Mask- That is the Question: Public health authorities on state and national levels are giving the green light to a wider return to many activities which involve the gathering of people in larger numbers and to do so without wearing masks or social distancing for those who are vaccinated. Yet other voices with expertise in infectious diseases are still advising us not to throw all caution to the wind just yet. Churches are now allowed to expand to full capacity, and to permit those vaccinated to attend services without wearing masks and so the Catholic Bishops of the United States are permitting the lifting of many restrictions that had been put in place during this pandemic. Beginning this weekend seating in the church will be open and no longer restricted to every other pew. All are still asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival at church, but no one will be required to sign in before entering the nave of the church. The choir side door will remain closed as an entrance but may be used as an exit after Mass. The hymnals will be returned to the pews for your use in following the songs and readings during Mass. While not yet available, soon we will have a means of receiving Holy Water upon entering and exiting the church that will be dispensed individually. The use of clear protective discs covering the ciboria which contain the hosts as they are consecrated and distributed will continue as will the use of the special stations for the reception of communion. Receiving communion on the tongue is still strongly discouraged but if personal piety makes that your preference, then you are asked to come at the very end of the communion procession and only to the priest or deacon distributing communion in the center section of the church. Once baskets are acquired that can be passed by the ushers rather than person to person, we will restore the practice of taking up the collection but in the meantime, we are grateful if you would place your contributions in the baskets located at the entrances. The sign of peace will remain as we have practiced it since reopening last May by exchanging our greeting of peace with a simple gesture without having physical contact with anyone from outside of one’s own household. You are still asked to wait until the usher dismisses your pew before exiting the church at the end of Mass so as to prevent crowding in the aisles. If a person is fully vaccinated and has passed the required time for immunity to be established, then they are not required to wear masks while worshipping, however, prudence would dictate that wearing of masks in church still be strongly recommended. Let us be mindful of the fact that in church we are gathered together in a closed space for a significant amount of time with many people from outside our own households. This is especially true on Cape Cod at this time of year there when there will be visitors present among us who are from various distant places. As this virus is spread predominantly and most efficiently through aerosolized droplets expressed by forcefully speaking, singing, coughing, or sneezing then it only stands to reason that being unmasked in a church setting still carries the risk of contracting or spreading this virus. So even though you may be fully vaccinated you are asked to carefully consider what stewardship of your own health and safety and that of others would require of you while worshipping together as a congregation. If you are unvaccinated then there is no option other than to wear a mask while in church, but if you are vaccinated the choice to do so or not will be yours. Continuing now and going forward at least through Labor Day Weekend our clergy, servers, lectors, ushers, and ministers of Holy Communion will continue to wear masks during much of the liturgy for your protection and ours and as a gentle reminder that sometimes we must sacrifice the exercise of our own rights, privileges, and preferences for the greater good of all concerned. Your cooperation with these changes guided by your Christian love for one another and thus your patience with those who may see things differently than yourself will be greatly appreciated at this time in these still unusual and challenging circumstances. In a culture and country presently rife with division, we are obliged as authentic followers of Jesus Christ to set a better example by forging and maintaining unity among ourselves that is rooted in truth and justice and above all else, charity!

Dispensation Still Stands: At this time, the baptized people of God throughout the Diocese of Fall River are still dispensed from the serious obligation to assist at Sunday Mass by Bishop da Cunha. Communion for those choosing to participate by live stream at home rather than in person is still available each Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5 PM in the Church.


As you visit our site, you will see that we are a vibrant parish offering many opportunities for people to live out their Catholic Christian faith. There are activities and organizations for people of every age and almost every interest. We have a food pantry, a library, and a thrift shop. We have a very active St. Vincent de Paul Society, numerous educational opportunities, social gatherings, and liturgical ministries, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! Our Mass schedule can be found in the footer, along with our location and mailing address. For office hours go to; About-Masses-Office Hours-Directions. We would love to have you join us as we listen to God’s Word and share in the Eucharist.

You can join the parish by setting up a time to come to the office. If you are registering online, go to New Member Registration, fill out the form, and hit “submit”. Someone from the parish will call you to extend a welcome. If you have any questions or comments, please go to “contact us”; all submissions go directly to the parish office.

If you live on Cape Cod for only part of the year, you are welcome to join the parish and participate in the various organizations for as long as you are here.


Rev. Edward J. Healey, Pastor


The Roman Catholic Community of Christ the King Parish has as its purpose: The providing of spiritual nourishment and enrichment to its members through the Holy Spirit, in harmony with the Second Vatican Council; and the offer of welcome to all. This is accomplished by celebrating the sacraments, preaching the Gospel by word and example, and instructing in the truths of the faith. We strive to be present in a spirit of prayer and service to those in need using the talents and gifts of our individual members. We are life~affirming stewards of God’s creation striving to build the Body of Christ.


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2021 Catholic Appeal

The theme for 2021 is “Time to Gather, Time to Heal, Time to Love.” Since 1942, the Appeal has helped people in all phases of life – from children to youth, to parents, to the elderly. Your support sustains the numerous agencies, programs, and ministries providing food and shelter, educating children and adults, and meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of thousands. We encourage you to support the Appeal as generously as you can. You can make a one-time gift, or, a pledge with convenient payments throughout the year.  Click to watch the 2021 Catholic Appeal Introductory.

SPECIAL Sunday Go-to-Mass Masks

The masks embroidered with the CTK Crown and are available for sale for $15 each with part of the profit going to benefit the parish. Jean Giddings is the talented seamstress and embroiderer who creates these adjustable masks which are available in various sizes. The material used is a hand-washable poly-cotton and comes in an off-white appropriate for the Easter Season and then green for Ordinary Time but are also possible to be made in the liturgical colors of purple, red, and black upon request. As the new normal will most likely include the use of masks in public gatherings like worship for the foreseeable future, why not have a special Sunday Mask for church?To order CLICK the printable form and return it to the parish office with payment. TO MAIL IN YOUR ORDER Mail to Christ the King Parish, PO Box 1800, Mashpee MA 02649

“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Mark 10:14

At Christ the King Parish we all work together to protect our children. Please click the Diocesan Safe Environment page for information on how we protect the faithful, and the steps involved to minister, work, or volunteer in the diocese.

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