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Sunday, September 24, 2023

CTK Pantry Project: We now have $143,000 in pledges and gifts toward our goal of $2,000,000. Gratitude is due to those who by their generosity are enabling us to move closer to our goal and the thus the day when we can move our library and create space to adequately accommodate our weekly pantry and the many who seek its assistance.

Blessing of the Animals: On next Sunday, October1st, at 12 noon the annual Blessing of the Animals will take place at noon on the lawn in front of the Rectory and next to the Playground are where there is an image of St Francis of Assisi. The Feast of St Francis of Assisi is October4th, and so the animals are blessed at the Sunday closest to that date in honor of the famous saint who wrote the Canticle of the Creatures and in it identified all living things as our brothers and sisters along with the whole of the natural world. Please have your pets in your control and safe from any unsettling interactions with the other animals present; dogs should be leashed and cats be caged and whatever else suitably housed or restrained. The Blessing begins promptly at noon and is not lengthy so please be there on time!

Annual Summer Raffle: There are only two weeks remaining to get a chance for the drawing of the grand prize of $5000 in our Raffle as well as the second and third prizes which total $6000. The Drawing will be held at noon on Sunday, October 8th in the parish hall and while you do not have to be present to win all are welcome to witness it. Chances are $20 each or 3 for $50 and the proceeds of the raffle are distributed among the various parish organizations who depend on the funds to conduct their charitable and community building activities throughout the year.

Religious Education: Today classes will begin for the young people of the parish who will be learning about the Catholic faith and some will be preparing to receive the additional sacraments of initiation which are the Eucharist and Confirmation. Yet as they begin we might ask what is the purpose of religious education? Many seem to misunderstand the primary goal which is to be fully initiated into Christ through his Church in order to live a Christian life! Living an authentically Christian life is not merely having sacramental certificates in your personal scrap book, but it is finding grace through the sacraments to put on the mind of Christ and with all the baptized to be his transforming presence in the world. So yes, this requires knowledge of the seven sacraments, the 10 commandments, the eight Beatitudes and the Four Gospels, and the traditional prayers, but it also has to be more than knowledge that can be measured on a test. It must be about knowing Jesus Christ, befriending Jeus Christ, praying daily to one’s Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, and trying to live each day, make each decision, and carry out each action in imitation of Jesus Christ. This is why religious education can only be carried out by Catechists as opposed to mere teachers, for Catechists are those who have already gone far down the road we call conversion, that is, turning every aspect of their lives over to Christ, so that they are able to not only teach religious knowledge but impart Christ whom they know well to others. This is a challenging ministry in the contemporary culture and religious climate in which we find ourselves living. We might wonder if what the Catechists are trying to do with their pupils for an hour each week is then reinforced in their homes. Do parents teach the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be, the Act of Contrition to their children? Do parents understand that unless you see the Church as your Mother, you cannot claim God as your Father? Do they understand that when Jesus said “Do this in memory of me” he was giving a command to celebrate and receive the Eucharist as the means by which he would continue to nourish and sustain the baptized and confirmed with his very life thus enabling them to become what he gives them to eat, his very body? Do they understand that while baptism forgives our sins, that those we commit afterwards need to be forgiven by a sacrament sometimes called second baptism which is the Sacrament of Reconciliation? The proof of a Christian life is in its practice, and that cannot be reduced to being a nice person or giving to charity occasionally or volunteering at a shelter or pantry once in a while. Rather authentic Christian life must consist of a trinity of Worship, Witness, and Works that are ongoing, habitual, and thus second nature such that if one were arrested and accused of being a Christian, there would be ample evidence to convict you! We will examine each of these W’s in succeeding columns. In the meantime, we invite all parents and guardians who would send their children to Religious Education to commit themselves to cooperate with our program by living lives in which faith and its practice have priority such that this is clearly evident to their children!

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Playing for Good: On last Monday a very successful annual Christ the King Golf Classic was held at Willow Bend Country Club. Gratitude is due to all the participants who teamed up to play and to those who contributed through generous sponsorships or by donating items for the Silent Auction. An event like this does not happen without a good deal of planning and attention to detail which was carried out far in advance by the committee which consisted of Jean Dennis, Debbie Journalist, Terry Daly, Marion Mooney, and Joe Moony as Chairman. At the close of the event a check for $35,000 was presented to the Financial and Resource Assistance Ministry of the parish which responds to the requests we regularly receive from people who struggle to make ends meet in this local area and who are greatly helped from time to time with payments for a utility bill, vehicle repair, or assistance with rent or a mortgage payment. The majority of those who approach us are the working poor whose wages often do not keep up with their expenses and whose budgets cannot cover some of the unexpectedly large costs that they may face. In particular many are just one rent or mortgage payment away from homelessness, or unable to escape that condition as they cannot afford the first, last, or security deposits required to secure a rental unit. While this ministry of the parish is largely funded through contributions to the Matthew 25 Fund, this generous gift from the Golf Classic will offset many of the disbursements made for housing so that the Matthew 25 Fund can provide for other needs and support the weekly Food Pantry as well. Much charitable good work is being done in the greater Mashpee area by our parish which is as it should be for any community that exists under the banner of Christian. So thanks again to all for the efforts that went into the planning and organizing of last week’s Golf Tournament and for the important role this event plays s in the overall effort of the parish to provide relief to those in need. It is hoped that all involved, from players to planners enjoyed the day but most of all that they are left with the deep sense of satisfaction that it was all for a much greater good!

Back to Work: As the Summer ends the parish shifts gears from welcoming and accommodating our summer visitors to getting back to work in terms of starting up various programs, and ministries: Those of immediate importance include:

Religious Education for Youth: Classes will begin next weekend and there is still a need for some catechists and helpers. The first requirement is to be a person of faith who is regular in regard to its practice,. Other resources will be provided and the skills to teach effectively can be acquired as you are mentored “on the job”!

Rite Of Christian Initiation of Adults: This is a process by which unbaptized persons, or those baptized in other denominations are prepared to be fully welcomed into the Catholic Church. While there is always room on the team for new members who are able to clearly communicate and thus share their faith, what is of greatest interest is identifying and gathering those not yet fully initiated and encouraging them to “swim the Tiber” which is the slang for becoming fully Catholic. Those who would like more information should contact the Parish Office .

Walking With Purpose: This Bible Study and faith sharing program particularly for women will be starting another “season” at this time and is inviting women of the parish and beyond to become a part of what has proven to be a transforming experience for most all who participate. The sessions meet on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, registration begins this week!


Christ the King Food Pantry Project: Materials explaining the What and Why of the challenge before us have been mailed to all our registered households and our 18 month Capital Campaign is now officially underway. Indeed it would be wonderful if a wealthy benefactor could donate the majority of the cost of the project, but that is not so likely to happen thus we must depend on everyone doing their part to support the project as generously as they are able. So let no one sit back as an observer rather than a participant! During the last two weeks we have received $43,250 in pledges and gifts, so we are certainly off to a good start, so let us go forward toward our goal of $2million with optimism ! All checks should be made out to CTK Pantry Project; an online web page is also up and running and the project has also been added as an option for online giving.

September 10, 2023

“Good Luck with Your Project”: As the plan to better accommodate the storage needs and operating space of the the Christ the King Food Pantry has been revealed this past weekend both from the pulpit at Mass and a presentation by Deacon Palanza in the parish hall, several times I have been wished “good luck with you project”. Yet if it is only my project it cannot possibly succeed, it has to be OUR project, and more than luck it will require sacrificial giving on the part of all of us if we are to see it through to completion. There is a quote used by many that is attributed to the ancient Jewish Rabbi Hillel, “ if not us, Who? If not now, When? These are the central questions being posed to us as a Community of Faith. In regard to the question of who is to alleviate the physical and emotional suffering so those who regularly face food insecurity, we have already answered that question, it is us as Christ the King Parish, and we have done so for 34 years now through the dedication of our Vincentians who manage and operate the pantry each week. So we must continue to do that, as it is only befitting that a Christian community carry out this work of mercy. Yet on a practical basis we must address our ability to do so without having the pantry’s needs impose on the parish’s ability to carry out its other programs and activities, or to offer hospitality to self-help groups in our facilities. We have seen this challenge increase over the past several years, and inparticualr when we had to make adjustments to keep the pantry operating during the pandemic when it was not advisable to gather larger groups of people indoors. As the pantry began to meet and serve the clients outdoors its storage needs proximate to the entrance increased and so dry goods presently claim the back quarter of the parish hall. The freezer and refrigeration capacity of the parish kitchen has long been stressed by the pantry’s effort to provide foods that are frozen or which need to be kept cool. So then the question of when we as a community of faith are going to address these challenges has become if not now, when? We really cannot wait much longer, and in truth the pantry misses opportunities to buy large quantities of frozen meat and other foods at a very discounted price from the Boston Food Bank because we lack adequate cold storage space. So the time is now to float the plan, raise the funds and to pray and work together to see it through. So not relying on luck, but on divine providence, and Christian charity may our efforts in this necessary and noble cause be blessed with success !

The Opening of the Parish Year: After a summer sabbath when parish programs slow or close down, Labor Day marks the transition back to business as usual in regard to many parish programs and activities. Religious Education for young people will start up again on the weekend of September 24th, and the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is also preparing to begin its work with those seeking to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church at Easter. We have hopes of rekindling our parish youth group after the hiatus that resulted from the pandemic. Parish Organizations such as the Catholic Women’s Club, the Knights of Columbus, The Walking with Purpose Women’s Bibler Study Program, and the Jericho Men’s Spirituality Group will be welcoming new members too. Adult Faith Formation will resume in October after Fr. Healey returns from a visit to the Holy Land. So let us all pray for the parish, its people, its programs, its ministers, clergy, and lay leaders that we will continue to be a vibrant community of faith who can reveal the face of Jesus Christ in our Worship, Witness, and Works!.

Summer Continues and So Too Our Raffle: Although the vacation season has come to its traditional end, technically the Summer has not and will not officially end until the 21st of this month. Because Summer always seems to go so quickly we must try to extend it to the traditional Columbus Day Weekend when we start to see the leaves turn colors and fall! On Sunday , October 8th at noon we will pull the winning tickets in our Annual Summer Raffle and until then chances which are $20 each or 3 for $ 50 are available at the entrances to the church, or through the parish office, don’t forget to take a chance before the tail end of Summer fades to Fall!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

You are Invited !!  Please come  to the hall after the 4PM Mass this weekend for a Wine and Cheese Hour, or after the 8:30 and  10:30 Masses for a Coffee Hour.   We will be introducing the plan for the future of our Food Pantry and our Parish Library in a brief presentation at each of these gatherings.


Summer Raffle:  While the Summer Vacation Season ends, our Raffle continues until the drawing on Sunday, October 8th at noon.   Chances are $20 each or 3 for $50, and are available at the entrances to the Church or through the Parish Office.  Don’t miss the chance to win the $5000 grand prize or one of the other prizes to be awarded totaling $6000.!


Our Life’s Work!:   As the vacation season ends we celebrate Labor Day, a holiday established to appreciate  workers, promote decent working conditions, and encourage  fair wages.  Yet admittedly many of us are a bit ambivalent when it comes to work,  commonly  seeing it as  something we have to do,whateher we like it or not,  in  order to for  us to have or to  do what we  really want .   Those who actually love their work  are truly blessed as then it does not feel like work at all, but for most of us work    is something  with which we have a love-hate relationship!  Yet we all need a sense of purpose which helps bring meaning to life, and work can greatly contribute to that if our job is one  that truly suits our temperament and talents and helps us to express ourselves while making a  positive  impact on others, the wider community,  or the world beyond our corner of it.  Yet in the end  it Is not likely  our jobs, careers  or professions that bring the most meaning  or satisfaction to life, but rather, our vocations,  that is, the manner in which  we answer God’s call to love him and to love others as he commands that brings fulfillment..   When we know through marriage and family life, consecrated life , or committed  single or widowed life  that we are blessing not only ourselves but also others as God desires that we truly know the  joy of having a true purpose, a dntus happiness in life  in in spite of its  imperfections and challenges.   Thus fundamentally our work in life, no matter  the career paths we  or states of life we might choose, is actually what St Augustine defined  it to be; to heal the eye of the heart by which we can then  see God more  clearly!   Indeed at every phase, stage and turn of life, if we make  this job one, then we will find God, and in finding God,  we will find our place and understand what God is inviting us to accomplish.  So above any other job, profession, or career  -let us be about discovering and doing what God is asking us to do – assured that we will love the work that he assigns  and find happiness here and be happy here and hereafter!


The Camino of St James:  A parishioner thoughtfully shared  an   article that was in the most recent  READER’S DIGEST about the soul searching and thus life changing experience of  a man from Canda who walked the   Way of St. James in silence; it is truly worth  reading.!   For those who trust that they would be able to endure it, what is  worth contemplating is also  the opportunity to walk  the Camino on a pilgrimage  planned by Fr. Healey for the beginning of August 2024.    If  you  go on to  the Website of  206  Tours, and in the search bar write   “Camino – Fr. Healey”, the details of the journey are contained in the itinerary.   While the walking may be challenging the accommodations are comfortable  as these are in hotels rather than hostels, so there is always  a room for the night  along with  supper at the end of each day and breakfast at the beginning of the next.  During the day one is not required to carry a backpack as one’s suitcase is   in a van that follows along the route from which a box  lunch  is also  provided.  If fatigue gets the better of the pilgrim then it  is possible to get in the van and  to ride to the next hotel  if necessary!  So while it is  in some sense “Camino light”  yet so long as one completes the final 100 kilometers on foot, you are eligible to be certified as having completed “The Way”!  For  inspiration, in addition to the READER’s Digest article you might also watch the movie titled  THE WAY  starring Martin Sheehan!  Buen Camino! 


Calling on  Golfers, Sponsors, Supporters and Intercessors:  The Christ the King Golf Classic will be held at Willow Bend a week from Monday, so if you haven’t  yet indicated your form of participation or provided your item for the Silent Auction, please do so this  by the end of this weekend!  Prayerful Intercessors may begin storming the heavens for “no storms on the 11th “  now and  please continue until the  very morning of the tournament! Let us all participate in some way in  doing something fun for something good!

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Don’t Leave Town Without One: Our summer visitors are especially reminded not to forget to take a chance in our Annual Summer Raffle before returning home from your time among us on Cape Cod. The tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50 giving you a chance to win the $5000 grand prize or one of the other prizes which total an additional $6000.00. Tickets are available at the entrances to the Church or from the parish office and you do not have to be present on Sunday, October 8th when the winning tickets will be drawn at noon!

The Task Before Us: Every Christian community is called to love God and neighbor and so ever faces tasks to accomplish this mission under the broad categories of Worship, Witness, and Works. Here at Christ the King Parish at this particular time we are being called to focus on expanding our capacity to carry out our charitable good works for our neighbors in need in the greater Mashpee area. The Food Pantry at Christ the King, initiated over three decades ago, has expanded over the years such that we are now a primary source of relief for those in this area who regularly experience food insecurity. Depending on the season of the year and the ups and downs of the economy, on average anywhere from 80 to 100 households will turn to us each week to help substantially supplement the food that they are able to buy so as to assure that they will have an adequate amount. This represents a significant growth in need over the decades from the dozen or so helped each week back in the simple beginnings of The Pantry to the number who seek help today. In trying to meet those needs, the Food Pantry, managed by the Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, and funded largely by donations to the Matthew 25 Fund, partners with the Boston Food Bank and local supermarkets to acquire adequate supplies to meet the demand. Yet pantry supplies need storage, freezer and refrigeration space, and that is where we as a parish face a great challenge, as so much of our storge space and even spaces like the stage not intended for storage, are now taken up with supplies for the weekly pantry. Not only the weekly pantry, but a Parish Library was not in the plan when our parish plant was being constructed and this great resource is presently rather hidden in rooms behind the stage while the pantry supplies are not far out of view at the back of the hall. All of this presents challenges not only because the Library is under- utilized but the use of the hall and parish kitchen for other purposes ends up to be rather limited by the Pantry’s need for space Additionally much shifting of goods from one place to another by staff and volunteers is needed when the pantry is in operation or when other gatherings are scheduled in the hall and pantry items must be stowed away. The solution is that we create a proper home for both the pantry and the library and the plan proposed to accomplish this will be revealed and explained in informational gatherings in the parish hall next weekend following the 4PM, 8:30AM, and 10:30 AM Masses. The task before us is not simple or easy, but rather somewhat complex and rather costly, but with the moral, financial and practical support of all of us in this community of faith, we can meet these challenges and accomplish what needs to be done, but only if we are all in it together!

Last 7AM Mass for the Summer Season: The final Sunday 7AM Mass for the Summer season will be held on next Sunday, September 3rd. Thanks is owed to all who were willing to change their schedules and d rise a bit earlier in order to staff that Mass especially Mike Kondracki who served as sacristan and our ushers, lectors, eucharistic ministers and occasionally our deacons who were willing to help . Thanks especially to the parishioners and visitors who consistently came to the early Mass; you are the reason why it is provided from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

Congratulations: Each year the Diocese hosts a fundraising gala on Cape Cod to benefit the Foundation to Advance Catholic Education which awards scholarships to students who attend Catholic Schools. At the annual event the Al McKay Award which recognizes someone who has made an outstanding contribution to Catholic Education in the Diocese of Fall River is given to a worthy recipient. The Parish of Chris the King should be very proud that this year the award was given to one of our members, Jim Remillard, who has recently retired from teaching at Pope St John Paul II High School in Hyannis. In presenting the award Bishop Edgar DaCunha read comments about Jim describing him not only as a beloved teacher in the eyes of his students but a very effective one in the view of his colleagues as well. Congratulations Jim, job well done, may you now have a long, happy and well deserved retirement!

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Tuesday, August 22, At 6:30 PM : We will be privileged to have a presentation by Dr.. Gilbert Lavoie, who is not only our seasonal parishioner, but a widely recognized expert on the Shroud of Turin. Dr. Lavoie is responsible for commissioning a recent sculpture of the upright man of the shroud titled THE SIGN , the bust which preceded the full sculpture has been present here in our sanctuary during this summer. Dr. Lavoie will speak about his years of research into the Shroud and especially regarding the anatomical features and blood evidence which, as a medical doctor, he is especially capable of observing and interpreting. While much of that information may be found in his original book, UNLOCKING THE SECRETS OF THE SHROUD, his most recently published book – THE SHROUD OF JESUS: THE SIGN JOHN INGENIOUSLY CONCEALED also contains his convictions about the true meaning and purpose of the Shroud gained from over four decades of research and analysis as well as scripture study and prayerful personal reflection.

More Than Meets the Eye: Each Sunday as we profess the Creed at Mass we say we believe in all things visible and invisible. Perhaps at the time when the Creed was formulated this was not a very controversial statement to make, but today it cannot help but be so. We are approaching that time of year when we are sending young people back to colleges many of which would not be comfortable in teaching much of anything but that which can be observed, measured or verified. Thus all things not subject to scientific research are not usually found as subjects to be studied unless one has the means and enjoys the privilege of attending a Catholic or other religiously sponsored school. The challenge though is that in reality, ultimate reality, God, is unseen, yet is clearly the mind behind the design of all that exists in the natural world. Science then, while not teaching God explicitly, is actually capable of revealing much about God, as seen in the amazing order, intelligibility, and interconnectedness of things in the natural world. As believers, we do not find anything that exists in the universe that is there apart from God’s willing it to be, most especially ourselves as human beings who are the crowning glory of all God’s creation. Beyond that which is observable and measurable we talk of things that we experience as real like love, happiness, kindness, compassion, goodness, generosity, intelligence, and in the truth and authentic goodness of these experiences we rightly attribute them to God. We also observe and sometimes must experience violence, corruption, and injustice that flow from things like hatred, envy, greed and vengeance, which we cannot attribute to God and thus lead us to rightly discern that there is a force in the universe that has no part of God, which we identify as evil. Indeed, in our experience we know that there is much more to life than what meets the eye , and we know there is not yet an adequate scientific explanation for the origins of much of what we observe and experience because, apart from God, there is not yet even a plausible explanation for the existence of life itself. So ironically, the Church and its life of faith is often pushed to the margins if not outrightly rejected by faculties of secular institutions of higher learning as being an anti- intellectual, but in the end,, if the real purpose of education is to find truth, who has a more complete handle on truth, the Church or the University? So let us continue to confidently profess our faith in all things visible and invisible and pray as we send young people off to study that they will continue to profess the same, thus gaining not only objective knowledge from college but also growth in wisdom which is actually impossible without faith in God!

The Annual Summer Raffle: As our summer visitors make their plans to leave Cape Cod and return to work and school, we remind them not to forget to participate in our Sumer Raffle with a grand prize of $5000 as well as $6000 in additional prizes. Chances are $20 each or 3 for $50 and are available at the entrances to the church or from the parish office. The drawing will be held on Sunday, October 8th at 12 noon in the parish hall.

Sunday, August 11, 2023

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: On this Tuesday we are asked to jonthe church throughout the world to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The implications of this particular feast are most relevant in our present day. While a long-held belief that Mary’s body was not allowed to be touched by corruption and so was assumed into heaven, the declaration of Mary’s Assumption was proclaimed a dogma of the Church by Pope Pius X!! in 1950 This proclamation was meant to provide a profound reminder of the dignity of the human body in the face of the terrible carnage of two world wars during the first half of the 20th Century. Indeed, what we say of Mary, we say of ourselves, and so this feast reminds us that not only our souls, but on the last day, also our bodies remade by God will dwell forever in God’s presence. Given their ultimate destiny, which is God’s kingdom, the human body deserves respect here on earth. When we think of all the ways the human body is disrespected, abused, mutilated, and desecrated in our contemporary world, we know that this reminder is again desperately needed in our times. As Christians who profess belief in the resurrection of the body we have a particular responsibility to promote respect for the dignity of the human body and proper care for the body both in life and in death. We will fulfill this responsibility by proper stewardship and care for our own bodily health and our efforts to promote that of others in any way we can. We have the duty to speak out and up against all that denigrates the human body from violence, war, abortion, lack of adequate food , shelter or proper healthcare, exploitation by prostitution or trafficking and now through mutilation of the body by surgery even though self-elected. We must now take extra care in an age when cremation of the human body is becoming more common place to promote the proper disposition of human remains even as ashes by burial or entombment and speak out against the trend to scatter cremains. If we stop and think about the many ways in which the human body is disrespected and desecrated we conclude with certainty that we have our work cut out for us. Let us not fail to implore the intercession and assistance of the Blessed Virgin Mary who dwells body and soul in the presence of God as we shall also one day, to move us to a deeper respect and more active defense of the dignity of the human body as created by God and destined for life with God forever.


Masses for the Feast of the Assumption: Monday, August 14th – Vigil Mass at 4PM, Tuesday, August 15th at 8:30AM and 5:30 PM


Farewell to Fr. Arun Paul: We are grateful to have had the assistance of Fr. Arun Paul over the past week while Fr. Healey has been on vacation. Fr. Arun returns now to the Diocese of Venice where he serves as a parish priest in Bradenton , Florida . As he leaves us Fr. Arun goes with our gratitude and prayers and the assurance that he is very welcome to return to Cape Cod to visit and serve us at Christ the King again!


Presentation on the Shroud of Turin: Dr. Gilbert Lavoie will present his reflections on the Shroud of Turin after over 40 years of investigation and contemplation. The presentation will be held on Tuesday, August 22nd at 6:30PM in the Church.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

The Transfiguration: The Annual Feast of the Transfiguration falls on Sunday this year and so makes the feast more accessible to all church going Catholics rather than just those who have the opportunity to attend daily Mass and thus have more exposure to the Church’s calendar of memorials and feasts While the account of Christ’s dramatic change in appearance on the mountain top before Peter, James and John is famialr to most all of us, its significance is better explained in the prayers and hymns of the feast. A contemporary hymn – Transfigure Us O Lord contains the verse To the Holy City Jerusalem you go, your face set toward the ending the Cross to be your throne, shall we journey with you and share your Paschal road? Indeed, although the Transfiguration was a privileged glimpse of Christ’s true identity and divine glory, its purpose was to prepare the closest disciples for the scandal of the Passion that was soon to take place. Thus, the Transfiguration provides us an essential reminder that we who inevitably must share in varied ways in the sufferings of Christ, are encouraged to endure our trials and face our own death trusting in the glory that we will also be invited to share with Christ who is now risen. So, let this annual feast be a means of reinvigorating our hope in what is to follow this life with all its imperfections for all who persevere in faith, which is not only to see Christ in all his glory, but to have a share in that glory as well!


Life in Bloom: As we look round us now in the midst of Summer we see nature in its fullness- a memory we are meant to keep even in the decline that will surely come in the Fall and the death of nature which comes in the cold of Winter. These cycles of death and rebirth seen in the seasons are always reminders to us of the Paschal Mystery that is the heart of our Christian faith. On our own parish property, we see much beauty in the pots of flowers and the various plantings which are not only necessary for “curb appeal” but actually as a symbol of our faith in the resurrection to new life! We must all be very grateful to our Parish Garden Committee who volunteer to create and care for the plantings on the property in Spring and Summer and who spend a good deal of time patrolling weeds! This would not be possible without the help of many, and so we thank all those who have been hard at work since the Spring thaw to bring us such beauty in Summer! The Garden Committee is organized by Janet Trask who is always happy to welcome new members to the effort; please contact the office if you are interested in volunteering a few hours to join their efforts!


Thinking of Swimming the Tiber? As August arrives we know that September will be here before we know it, and that is always a time in which we restart many of our parish programs including the process called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Perhaps you are aware of relatives, friends or neighbors who would be interested in further exploring the possibility of fully embracing the Catholic Faith “ which comes to us from the Apostles” . Or perhaps you are already accompanying a Catholic spouse or friend to Mass on occasion and would like to prepare to be initiated into the Church. While It is not recommended that anyone actually swim in the Tiber River it is an expression used to refer to moving from no faith to faith, or from a non-Catholic religion or denomination to the Catholic Church which along with those which are Eastern Orthodox are actually the original Christian Churches. For more information please contact the parish office.


August 22nd: Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to attend Dr. Gilbert Lavoie’s presentation on the Shroud of Turin at 6:30 PM that evening in the Church.