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June 23, 2019, The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Memorial Mass for Joseph Wyndham: Fr. Thomas Wyndham will celebrate a special Mass in memory of his brother, Joseph, who is recently deceased on Saturday, June 29th at 9AM; a simple collation will follow in the parish hall. All are welcome to participate.

Catholic Charities: Being part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves: In the understanding of the Universal Church, the world has been divided up into “local Churches” and while that may initially seem to refer to parishes in various towns or sections of cities, it actually refers to something quite a bit larger which is a diocese headed by a bishop appointed by the pope. The bishop being part of the world wide college of bishops of which the Bishop of Rome as the first among equals is the head creates for us our communion with the Catholic or worldwide Church. Thus as members of the local Church that is the Diocese of Fall River presently shepherded by Bishop Edgar Da Cunha, we are being invited to cooperate with the bishop in continuing to display the compassionate face of the church, as is essential to our authentic Christianity, by supporting with our generosity the charitable and apostolic works of the local church. Shelters for the homeless, transitional housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence, a residential program for women recently released from jail, are just a small sampling of some of the many good works done for those who are in desperate need and whose lives would be diminished greatly without our help. So let no one among us easily excuse ourselves from responding when our bishop asks our help to continue these good works which while costly are indeed priceless in terms of the lives they may save. If you have not yet done so, be a part of that something bigger which is the local church, not only in name but in action, by pledging or donating to the 2019 Catholic Charities Appeal before the opportunity to do so ends on June 30th; your support is needed and your willingness to generously give it is greatly appreciated.

K of C; Tootsie Roll Drive: Each year our dedicated Knights of Columbus conduct this drive to raise funds to assist disabled children who often need adaptive equipment in order to enhance their functioning and the quality of their lives. Such equipment from hearing aids to prosthetic and mobility devices is often quite costly and not always covered by insurance if their families have it, and certainly not at all affordable if they do not. So let us support the Knights in their efforts to provide such equipment to the children who will greatly benefit from it by buying a tootsie roll or making a donation on our way out of Mass this weekend.

Religious Freedom Week: June 22nd to 29th: This annual week highlights the need to raise our awareness and that of others of the many ways in which thoroughly secularized governments and cultures throughout the world today may be openly hostile toward religious belief and practice and thus may try to illegitimately limit its public expression and influence. Acknowledging that prayer is our greatest weapon in this ongoing struggle , all are encouraged to pray the Rosary For the Persecuted, individually or in groups, copies of which are available on the narthex tables at the entrances to the church.

In Second Place: We may all take some pride in the fact that our parish recently achieved second place in the People’s Choice Awards on Cape Cod as among the best places to worship. We can attribute this to the great efforts made at hospitality and good order by our ushers/greeters, the quality of the music at Mass, the involvement of many parishioners in the various liturgical ministries and most of all, the active participation by the majority in the congregation in the responses of the Mass. We cannot begrudge St. Pius Tenth in South Yarmouth receiving first place, but being in second place might motivate us all to try just a bit harder to do our part, never as mere spectators but as fully active participants praying and singing at Mass and making an effort to warmly welcome others who come among us as guests to worship with us while on vacation.

June 16 2019 The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity


Catholic Charities Appeal– Closing on June 30th : Many thanks to the households who have already made a pledge or gift to this year’s appeal. Those who have not yet done o are encouraged to make their contribution soon as the appeal will close on the 30th of June and all donations must be received on or before that date to be credited to this year’s appeal. Materials for the appeal are available on the narthex tables at the entrances to the church. The annual Catholic

Charities Appeal invites us all to be a part of something bigger than ourselves or even our parish by joining other across our diocese to support the good works carried out in our name under the direction of our bishop, the Most Reverend Edgar M Da Cunha.

Great Gratitude Due to the Dedicated Thrift Shop Volunteers: This past Monday those who volunteer at the Christ the King Thrift Shop attended an annual appreciation luncheon at New Seabury Country Club. The generosity and dedication of each one under the direction of Mary Daley has once again yielded great benefits for our parish which are essential to our operating budget and our work with those who depend on our Food Pantry and the needy cases who come to us for assistance with utilities, rents, mortgages and transportation. This past year the Thrift Shop took in $264,518 and after paying its operating expenses was able to share $235,250.00 with Christ the King to help the parish make ends meet and to enable us to do our charitable work. As gratitude is expressed to those who with a true Vincentian spirit of service and charity make many sacrifices to staff the Thrift Shop, the Food Pantry, and serve the needy, we must also thank those who donate items to the Thrift Shop and those who support it as customers! Many, Many thanks again to all for enabling such a blessing to our community of faith and those who seek our assistance.

Feast of Corpus Christi: On Next Sunday, June 23rd, we will join with the Universal Church in celebrating the great gift and mystery of the Most Holy Eucharist. As is fitting and traditional on this day, we will have a Eucharistic procession which will form at the end of the !0:30 Mass and (weather permitting), will move outside along the sidewalk to the St Jude Chapel . Following that there will be a period of adoration, for which we will need parishioners to commit to an hour or so of prayerful adoration until the Blessed Sacrament is returned t o the Main Alter for Benediction at 5:15 prior to the 5:30 PM Sunday Mass. So we are asking some from the 10:30 Mass to stay later, and others who attend the 5:30PM Mass to arrive earlier and others to return for an hour of adoration in between times so as to honor Christ truly present among us as our living bread in the Eucharist on this special annual Feast. A sign-up sheet for Adoration on Corpus Christi Sunday is in the Vestry at the back of the Church and in the Sacristy behind the altar.

June 9, 2019, Pentecost Sunday

A Thought on Pentecost Sunday: Today the 7 weeks of 7 days which comprises the annual season of Easter is concluded with the celebration of the Solemn Feast of Pentecost. Pentecost proclaims the comforting truth that the Holy Spirit, sent to the original disciples and given to us in baptism and confirmation, is always with us to keep us united with Christ and one another in this family of faith we call church. Yet we live in a contemporary climate where it has become more common for some to say “I am spiritual but not religious” rejecting what they pejoratively label as “organized religion”.

Most of us would probably prefer to remain silent in the face of the rejection of something which we have found to be of great value even with all its human imperfections.

Could we summon the courage to point out to those who make such a claim in our pres-ence that divine revelation indicates that the authentic work of the Holy Spirit is to draw all people into communion with Christ and one another through His body the church? Then perhaps to take the next step which would be to ask in all sincerity and compassion by what spirit they are they being spiritual if they feel that spirit is leading them to remain apart from the family of faith of which Christ is the head? Let us pray on this Pentecost Day that the Holy Spirit will give us the fortitude and wisdom to be effective apologists and evangelizers!

Catholic Charities Appeal 2019 – Please join the over 200 households of Christ the King Parish who have already generously contributed to the charitable works of the Diocese by making your pledge or donation before the close of the appeal on June 30th!

Cursillo Convocation 2019 – Saturday, June 22nd – Stonehill College 10AM-5PM. Register by June 15th – Forms available in the parish office or online at

The Struggle to Defend Life: As some States succeed in passing legislation that places further restrictions on the acquisition of abortion, people in other States react by proposing legislation that would remove nearly all such restrictions in an ongoing and seemingly endless struggle between those who defend life in the womb as human and thus inviolable and those who try to deny its humanity and thus its dignity and value.

Presently in Massachusetts, two bills are being placed before the State Legislature – one in the House of Representatives, # 3320, and the other in the State Senate, #1209, both of which propose steps which would remove nearly all restrictions on abortion. if passed into law the bill would in effect:

– Expand abortion access during the entire nine months of pregnancy, including late term abortions, for virtually any reason.

– Eliminate any requirements that abortions be performed in a hospital

– Eliminate the requirement that medical care be provided to an infant who survives an attempted abortion.

– Eliminate the requirement that the consent of parents, guardians or the courts be given to minors under the age of 18 in order to obtain an abortion.

– Expand public funding for those who cannot afford the financial cost of an abortion.

At this time it is crucial that our State Representatives and State Senators hear from those of us who are opposed to such steps. The Massachusetts Catholic Conference and Massachusetts Citizens for Life are asking us to contact our State Legislators in the Massachusetts House and in the Senate to indicate our opposition to these bills. You may log on to to find contact information for your legislators, or call the MCC at 617-746-5630 to obtain this in-formation if you do not use the internet. Please let your voice be heard in this crucial and ongoing struggle to defend human life!

Quo Vadis Days: Young men ages 14-19 are encouraged to participate in this year’s Quo Vadis Days, a retreat/camp program sponsored by the Diocese of Fall River Office of Vocations, July 8-12 at Betania II Retreat Center in Medway.

Quo Vadis Days will give you the opportunity to deepen your faith, learn how to dis-cern your vocation, learn more about the priesthood, and grow in greater fraternity with other young men from the diocese.

There will be priests, seminarians (including the two seminarians from our parish), and other young men gathered together for these days. Activities will include prayer (Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary, etc.), mountain hiking, sports (soccer, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, capture the flag, volleyball), games, discussions, and talks.

The cost is only $100 per person. Anyone interested should contact Fr. Kevin Cook in the Vocations Office at

HELP WANTED: We are looking for some additional volunteers to assist in “Plant Care Ministry,” by watering of the plants in the church sanctuary, as they enhance and beautify our worship space. A weekly rotation could be created as the plants need to be watered almost every day. Anyone interested should contact the Parish Office. Thank you for your willingness to help care for our church!

June 2, 2019, Seventh Sunday of Easter


The Annual Catholic Charities Appeal – May 1st, 2019 – June 30th, 2019 – Please pledge or donate generously to help fund the good works of the church throughout the Diocese of Fall River!

Prayerful Good Wishes: We extend congratulations and a promise of prayer to the young people who will receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation to be administered by the Most Reverend George W. Coleman, Bishop Emeritus of Fall River, on this weekend at a special Mass on Sunday at 12:30 PM. Gratitude is extended to Kathy Laird and the dedicated team who assisted her in preparing our young people for the reception of this special sacrament. May all that our Confirmation Candidates have been taught serve as a solid foundation for their continued growth in faith in future years.

A Strategic Plan for the Parish: The team created by the Parish Pastoral Council to develop a strategic plan for the parish has completed the work it began last August. The Team convened by Charles Feeney has published an extensive report which has been given to the members of the Parish Council for their review and formal approval at their June meeting. Thereafter, the report will be shared with the entire parish so that we can all work together toward achieving the goals that have been identified as a priority for our community of faith. In addition to Charles Feeney, thanks are due to Kellie Alliegro, Terrence Daly, Daniel Hughes, Diane Pierce, Marion Mooney, Janet Trask, Judy Warren and the late Dottie Hiltz for their generous service to the parish by their participation on this team.

Quo Vadis Days: The Vocation Office of the Diocese of Fall River will run a retreat/camp program for young men from 14-19 years of age from July 8th to July 20th. this program is both spiritual and recreational and if offered at a cost of only $100 per participant. It instructs young men who have faith how to integrate it into their lives and as they become acquainted with the Diocesan Seminarians through this experience they are encouraged to discern their own vocation in life. Brochures and registration forms are available through the Vocations Office and may be acquired by emailing

May 26, 2019, Sixth Sunday of Easter


Ascension Thursday– This coming Thursday, May 30th, the church remembers the Risen Lord’s return to the Father in heaven and observes this feast as a holy day of obligation. Masses for Ascension Thursday include a vigil on Wednesday at 4 PM, and Masses on the Holy Day at 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM

Catholic Charities Appeal – May 1st through June 30th, 2019 – Please pledge or donate to support the many charitable and pastoral good works carried out under the direction of Bishop Edgar da Cunha throughout the Diocese of Fall River. Please visit the parish or diocesan web sites to view the videos that illustrate these works in detail

Don’t Forget to Remember: We need reminders to remember otherwise the busyness of life gets in the way of our doing so. That is why as Christians we have a weekly memorial of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection on “the Lord’s Day” otherwise all days could easily end up being rather the same and are likely to pass without our pausing to remember and to give thanks for the great sacrifice that is saving us. So too with Memorial Day which has its roots in decoration days before but especially during and after the Civil War when the graves of the 600,000 soldiers who lost their lives in that conflict would be visited and adorned with wreaths and flowers. In 1868 this emerged as a national custom to be observed on May 30th as the North began to take up a practice that had begun in the South. With the First World War, this custom was expanded beyond the Civil War Veterans who had made the supreme sacrifice to include any veteran who had died in the war. While Memorial Day remains a day primarily to remember those killed during the war, it also now encompasses all deceased veterans and an attempt is made to mark their final resting places with an American flag. So this weekend we should prayerfully remember all deceased veterans as we also remember all our beloved dead and hopefully are able to visit the cemeteries where our loved ones are buried and to plant or leave flowers there. If we forget the original purpose of Memorial Day then it becomes merely the portal to the vacation season and a holiday for many to enjoy freedom from work or school. Yet as with our weekly Sunday observance, it is so important to pause and remember what the freedom we enjoy on this holiday weekend and always has cost and who has paid the price for it. So please don’t forget to remember in prayer our deceased veterans on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Pope St. Pius Xth Youth Award: On Tuesday, May 14th, at a ceremony in the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Bishop Da Cunha awarded the St. Pius Tenth Medal to young people from across the Diocese who are being recognized for their faithfulness and their service to the Church through their local parishes. We congratulate Kevin Duarte, a member of the Christ the King Parish and active in our Youth Ministry and as a Minister of the Eucharist who received the award this year.

Parish Council Nominations: Nominations for anticipated vacancies on the Parish Pastoral Council may be submitted by using the forms available in the parish office. All nominations should be received by May 30th in order to be voted on at the Council’s final meeting in June.

Summer Raffle: Christ the King Parish will begin mailing chances to all registered households and to those who participated in the raffle last summer. The proceeds of the raffle will benefit the works of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Women’s Club, the 50+ Club, the Pro-life Apostolate, and the parish. Chances are $20 each or 3 for $50 for the opportunity to win a $5000 grand prize or an additional $5000 in other prizes – please plan to participate!

Cursillo Convocation: On Saturday, June 22nd, 10 AM to 5 PM at the Ames Sports Complex at Stonehill College in North Easton. All who have experienced a Cursillo Weekend are invited to attend this event. Registration forms are available in the parish office.

Catholic Social Services – Listening Session: All the faithful of the Diocese are invited to give their input to the leadership of Catholic Social Services as to how to collaborate more effectively with parishes, St. Vincent de Paul Conferences and the Knights of Columbus in better serving those in need. The Cape listening Session will be held at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Hyannis on June 8, from 2 PM to 3:30 PM

May 19, 2019, Fifth Sunday of Easter

How to Respond to the Catholic Charities Appeal: Surely Bishop da Cunha and all the agencies of the Diocese which are funded by the proceeds of the annual Catholic Charities Appeal are grateful to those of us who pledge or donate, and rightfully so, as there is so much that has to be done, so many in need of formation and instruction, counseling, comfort, safe shelter, a second chance, or other assistance who depend on the good works of the Church to receive these blessings. Certainly, such good works could not otherwise be accomplished were it not for a generous response to this appeal. Yet what are our feelings about the appeal? Is it an annual obligation to be met or are we grateful for the invitation to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves, something that is an expression of faith and love, something that gives so many others hope? When we stop and think about it, each of us who desires to follow Christ is called by Him to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Yet how many of us, in the midst of our busy lives, has the time to devote to these works as we might wish, or has ready access to some of the people in need of help, in particular, the recent immigrant, the hospitalized, or those incarcerated? Yet by donating, or better yet, pledging to the annual Catholic Charities Appeal, we ensure that funds are available all year long to support those programs that serve people in these and a variety of other situations. When we sacrifice to help fund these good works, then in a sense we are also there thus on the day when we will be asked if we served Christ himself by caring for those in need, welcoming the stranger, visiting the sick or those in prison, then our answer can be yes, because we cared enough to help make all this happen. So as we discern what we should do in response to this appeal let us be grateful that we are being invited to join with others to accomplish the charitable work that needs to be done but which no one of us alone could do, and grateful for the opportunity to participate in what is helping others now but which may well help us in the end.

7 AM Mass: On next weekend, Memorial Day weekend, we will reinstitute the Sunday Morning 7 AM Mass which is celebrated in the St. Jude Chapel. the Mass will be available through the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

Mark Your Calendar: – As we continue the celebration of Easter, we will celebrate the Ascension of the Lord on its 40th day which will be Thursday, May 30th. As a Holy Day of Obligation, we will hold Masses on the vigil at 4 PM and on the day itself at 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

Secrets of Christ’s Tomb: A National Geographic Special on the archeological research done during the restoration of the Edicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and what it reveals about the traditions associated with this place. This is a timely topic during the Season of Easter which will be presented following the 10:30 AM Mass this weekend in the Religious Education Center.

May 12, 2019, Fourth Sunday of Easter

Mother’s Day: As mothers strive to love unconditionally they are living signs of the love of God that has been revealed to us in Christ. Today we remember in grateful prayer all mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and second mothers who bless our lives with their love and wish them a day made happy as the appreciation they well deserve is concretely expressed to them.

May Crowning: This weekend at the 10:30AM Mass the young people from the First Communion Class will crown an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary as is traditional in the month of May and most appropriate on Mother’s Day to remind us that all the faithful who by baptism have become brothers and sisters of Christ and in Him, have Mary as our heavenly mother.

Parish Pastoral Council The Christ the King Parish Pastoral Council is made up of ex-officio, appointed and elected members and meets four times each year between September and June to assess the health of the parish as a Community of Faith, to suggest solutions to present challenges and to set directions for the future. At this time the Council is soliciting nominations to fill vacancies that will occur as several elected members fulfill their term of service at the end of June. Nominations may be made by anyone 18 years of age or older who is officially registered as a member of the parish and those nominated should be the same. ( High School age youth are appointed to the Council each year) Nomination forms are available in the parish office and should be completed and returned there by June 1st. Those nominated will be contacted to inquire about their willingness to serve if elected and asked to submit a written statement describing what they feel they could contribute to the work of the Council. According to the statutes governing the composition of the Parish Pastoral Council members are elected for a three-year term by the Council from the nominations received and any elected member may serve a maximum of two consecutive 3-year terms.

Catholic Charities Appeal: The appeal continues through June 30th to allow us to pledge or donate when it is most convenient for us to do so in as generous a manner as possible. As we observe Mothers Day let us be mindful of those mothers who escaping domestic violence turn to Catholic Social Services for assistance with safe housing and/ or affordable childcare so that they can shelter and care for their children and begin to rebuild their lives. What we have already or will contribute to this year’s Catholic Charities Appeal enables Catholic Social Services in our Diocese to provide for these women and children in such desperate need. This is only one of the many ways the Appeal enables the Church practice charity where it is needed most.

Secret’s of Christ’s Tomb: This National Geographic Explorer Special will be shown following the 10:30 Mass next Sunday, May 19th. As we continue the celebration of Easter this is yet another way to strengthen our belief in the Resurrection as we learn what contemporary science can tell us about the place long venerated as the Lord’ s empty tomb.

7 AM Sunday Mass: The Sunday 7 AM Mass celebrated in St. Jude’s Chapel will return beginning Memorial Day weekend and continue through Sunday of Labor Day weekend for those up with the summer morning light who would prefer to participate in the celebration of Sunday Mass a bit earlier in the day.

May 5, 2019, Third Sunday of Easter

Congratulations: Prayerful best wishes and congratulations are offered to the young people who are receiving the Eucharist for the first time this weekend at a special 12:30 Mass. A special word of thanks is also offered to all who assisted Kathy Laird and Jane Tomasini in preparing them for this very important step in the process of their Christian Initiation. Prayers are also offered for their parents, grandparents, and godparents, that they will continue to encourage and support these young people in their weekly practice of the faith and their continued religious formation.

The Tomb of Christ? In the early 4th Century, when Christians were permitted to openly practice their faith for the first time, a tomb was excavated from underneath a pagan temple complex and forum that had been erected in 125 AD in Jerusalem presumably to stop Christian devotion to the site as connected to the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. At the direction of Emperor Constantine, a church complex was built over the area in 335AD and a dome and small chapel put over the burial place thus ever since this tomb has been venerated as that of Jesus. Recent restoration efforts of the chapel like structure that covers the tomb permitted a closer look at what really lies underneath it and a team from National Geographic was given the rights to film the exploration that revealed much about the original structure on the site. A Video presentation of what was found has been produced and will be shown on Sunday, May 19th following the 10:30 Mass.

Catholic Charities Appeal: This annual appeal from Bishop Da Cunha requesting our financial assistance officially opened on May 1st and will continue now until June 3oth. The funds generated by this appeal support the many charitable, social, pastoral. and catechetical works of the church in the Diocese of Fall River throughout the year. An informative video on the good works made possible by the Catholic Charities Appeal can be viewed on our parish website or that of the Diocese. While charity is always necessary for the continuation of the good works of the local church, ultimately it is also of benefit to those who are willing to contribute because it asks us to exercise our generosity and it is by doing so that we continue to grow in that virtue. So all parishioners are asked to prayerfully discern what they might be comfortable in contributing and then to try to give a bit more so as to continue to move toward that ideal for which we pray at Mass – the fullness of charity!

May Crowning: On next Sunday, Mother’s Day, It is appropriate that as we prayerfully l remember all of our mothers living and deceased, that we also honor the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Heavenly Mother by conducting the traditional crowning of her image. This brief but meaningful ceremony will take place after communion at the 10:30 AM Mass and will be carried out by the young people from our First Eucharist Class.

7 AM Sunday Mass: The 7 AM Mass will return again for the summer season beginning on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th, and continuing through Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, September 1st. The Mass is celebrated in the St. Jude Chapel.

Thank-You: A word of thanks is extended to all who participated in the Mass and celebration in honor of Fr. Tom Wyndham’s 50 years of priesthood. While Fr. Tom may not have been all that comfortable having the spotlight on him last Sunday, still, it was important for us as a community of faith who benefit from Fr. Tom’s ministry to mark this major milestone with him. Fr. Tom is among the majority of priests who are faithful to the promises made at their ordination, faithful to the Lord and his gospel, and faithful in their service of God’s people. However, good priests seldom grab headlines, thus we should all take some responsibility to celebrate and spread the good news of their generous sacrifices and their faithful service lest all priests are unjustly painted with the broad brush of scandal!