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September 25, 2022, Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Great Gift: Words of gratitude are due to Joe and Marion Mooney, Terry Daly, Jeanne Dennis, and Deb Journalist for their many efforts to plan and conduct yet another successful CTK Charitable l Golf Tournament and to Willow Bend Country Club for their fine hospitality on September 12th. . All participants can be very proud of the fact that the finds raised through this annual event are being devoted to charity. A gift of $25,000 from proceeds of the Golf Tournament was presented for use by the CTK Resources and Financial Assistance Ministry, designated for housing needs, especially for those who are being displaced from long-term rentals in the current real estate market and often need help with some portion of the first, last and security deposits required in order to relocate. Those who turn to the parish for such assistance will be able to be better helped thanks to all who were part of this enjoyable, effective, and much-needed annual fundraiser for charity.

Light in Darkness: As the anniversary of 9/11, the infamous day of terrorist attacks was observed this year, there was a documentary aired on one of the cable networks that focused on the story of what happened to commercial airliners and their passengers that were grounded on that day when it was realized that highjacked planes were being used as weapons. The special focused on the town of Gander in, Newfoundland, a town of fewer than 10,000 residents, but one which because of its strategic location on the North Atlantic coast had an extensive airstrip dating back to the Second World War. It was there that some 38 airliners being diverted inflight from scheduled landings in the United States were instructed to land until further notice. At first, some 7000 passengers and crew were kept on the planes on the tarmac, but as the situation unfolded in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania that day, it became clear that these flights were not going to be taking off anytime soon, and so conditions on the airliners were becoming quite uncomfortable. The population of Gander and other surrounding towns nearly doubled when all the passengers and crew were eventually taken off the planes. What do you do when some 7,000 unexpected guests arrive? Amazingly, the people of this region sprang into action to provide hospitality by making sure there would be shelter at various public buildings, churches, community halls, and private homes, and food was prepared around the clock, not professionally catered food mainly, but homemade! Sleeping bags and cots were gathered from homes and disaster relief centers in the general area; people lent or gave people clothing, provided transportation to stores and pharmacies; and organized recreation and entertainment. One woman resident of Gander who was interviewed said: “I knew that they were fortunate to be stranded here because surely we would look after them. “ That they did and then some as they worked day and night to provide for their guests and even formed enduring bonds of friendship with the “plane people” as the Newfoundlanders came to call their guests.. The remembrance of this quite unusual experience and amazing display of human kindness and hospitality is preserved in a popular musical theatre production entitled “Come From Away” which has won several Tony awards on Broadway. Yet what the television documentary clearly shows is that the people of Gander rose to the overwhelming challenge they were quite unexpectedly presented because of a spirit of community and care that already existed among them. Indeed neighborly care and concern in action were what they were already well practiced at showing one another, especially in times of sadness or hardship. Thus when 7000 strangers got stranded in their midst they just did more of it all at the same time to be sure that their unexpected guests would be welcomed and made as comfortable as possible and be well fed and entertained during their time there.. When the flights resumed a few days later, sincere bonds of friendship had formed and there were genuine tears shed as guests and hosts bid farewell to one another.

Certainly, many terrible things happen in our world on account of the forces of darkness that can invade and permeate human minds and hearts, and these events often. grab the headlines. Yet, we should be certain that even though we do not necessarily hear of the good as much as we do the bad, in the midst of any darkness there is usually light shining from minds and hearts imbued with the Holy Spirit of God. The story of Gander and its neighboring towns is thankfully being made known through a Broadway musical and a television documentary, revealing one fine example of that divine light and goodness which should both inspire us to be hopeful and encourage us to also be sources of light, agents of God’s goodness, in the world’s darkness that can cast its shadows even our own small corner of this world.
Blessing of Animals: Sunday, October 2, 2022, at noon time in the front yard of the Rectory in front of the Statue of St Francis of Assisi, Please bring dogs on a leash, and cats safely protected in cat carriers so that the brief blessing ceremony is safe.

Surviving Divorce: A support program for those enduring the pain of divorce will be held at Our Lady of Victory Parish in Centerville, beginning on September 22nd but new participants will be welcome to join even up to October 6th. Those interested in further information should contact Frank Patch, who coordinates and moderates the sessions and may do so by calling 207-337-2076 or emailing

August 14, 2022, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Month Of Mary; August 15th to September 15th: We begin 30 days in the Liturgical Year which are “bookended” by feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We begin with the feast of Mary’s assumption into heaven on August 15th –, followed by that of her Queenship on August 22nd. Then as we move toward the conclusion of the 30 days we celebrate the Nativity of Mary on September 8th and end with her memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15th. So even more appropriate than May, which when observed as a Marian month often puts the honor we would wish to give to Mary in competition with the attention that is due to the Resurrection of Christ in the 50 day Season of Easter, let us be especially mindful of Mary as we observe these feasts that begin in mid-August and conclude in mid-September.

Edith Stein; From Faithful Jew to Atheist to Catholic to Carmelite To Martyr: A Saint for Our Times: Born on Yom Kippur in 1891 and raised in a devout Jewish Family in Germany, Edith admitted that by the time she was 14 she was an atheist who had stopped praying. Very intelligent, she exceeded in her studies, eventually attending university and earning a Doctorate in Philosophy in 1917. Yet even though she had left faith behind in her early adolescence, obviously Divine Providence was still at work as her pursuit of the truth through Philosophy had called some of her attention to Catholicism and its great thinkers both medieval and modern. When she visited the widowed wife of a colleague who had been killed in Flanders during World War I and did not find a bereaved woman overwhelmed by grief but rather consoled by her Christian Faith, Edith reflects: “ That was my first encounter with the Cross and the divine power it imparts to those who bear it – It was in this moment that my unbelief collapsed, and Christ began to shine his light on me- Christ in the mystery of the Cross.” After reading the autobiography of St. Theresa of Avila in 1921, Edith had a sense that it contained the Truth that she had been pursuing her whole life. In 1922 she was baptized, and by 1932 she had entered the Carmelites taking the name Sister Theresa Benedicta of the Cross. In her writings she relates that she rediscovered her Jewish identity when she finally returned to God, and thus she felt connected to Christ not only spiritually but by the Jewish blood that she shared with him. When the Nazis intensified their persecution of the Jewish people in Germany in 1938, Edith’s religious superiors moved her and her sister Rosa who had also converted to Catholicism to a Carmel in the Netherlands to protect them. However, in 1942, when the bishops there protested the Nazi persecution of the Jews, in retaliation, the Gestapo rounded up Jews especially those who had converted to Christianity for deportation to the concentration camps. Edith and Rosa were taken by the Gestapo from the convent chapel on August 2, 1942, transported first to Westerbork, and then Auschwitz where they were gassed and cremated alongside many of their Jewish brothers and sisters on August 9th , just 80y years ago last Tuesday.

Many adolescents in our times admittedly lose faith in their early teens often under the influence of public educators who erroneously emphasize faith as being completely incompatible with science. As their parents, grandparents, godparents and pastors, we might pray for our young people, asking the intercession of Saint Edith Stein, that their pursuit of knowledge and truth will ultimately lead them, as it did her, back to faith in God whose love is still most powerfully revealed in the Cross of Jesus Christ!

Calling All Golfers!! Sign up to participate in the annual Christ the King Charity Golf Tournament to be held at Willow Bend Country Club on September 12th. This is a way of both doing something you very much enjoy but at the same time helping to continue good works for the poor among those in need in our wider community. Registration materials may be found at the entrances to the church or through the parish office!

Foster Kids Go Back to School Too!
Kids in foster care are often the over-looked back-to-schoolers. Thankfully, three organizations have been formed by foster parents who care for other people’s children in their homes: founders: foster parents Sharon and Andy Palmer Nicole Mitchell, foster parent, founder

A back-to-school event will be held on Saturday 08/27/22 for foster parents, adoptive parents, and grandparents /relatives caring for children not their own. Each child will receive a new backpack of their choice, new sneakers, new socks, underwear, books and school supplies. The event will be held in Centerville at the Centerville Rec for pre-registered families.
Contact the organizations directly or or 508-477-3411
And remember, kids come in ALL sizes!

August 7, 2022, Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Feast of the Assumption: On Monday, August 15th, the Church celebrates Mary’s assumption, body, and soul, into heaven after “falling asleep” and so traditionally this feast has also been known as The Dormition of Mary. Not insignificantly It is the patronal feast of the Diocese of Fall River and thus the title of our Cathedral Church. It is a feast on which all the faithful of the Diocese are especially encouraged to pray for the local church of which we are all a part, in particular, our bishop, clergy, religious, and all our fellow believers. We especially ask the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary that we might be a church that is dedicated to bearing witness to Christ by living his gospel so that we will continue to be both active and effective in doing so. Certainly, the Diocese of Fall River faces some challenges as it seeks to fulfill its mission in this time and place and so needs our prayerful support. The Diocese encompasses a region in which great demographic changes, especially in the former mill cities of Fall River and New Bedford, have largely emptied many churches which were built to serve various ethnic populations who now no longer live there Thus, parishes in these cities will have to be consolidated and some of the church buildings closed. . Such changes are always painful so let us pray that we will all have a deeper sense of church such that it is communities of faith rather than buildings that we cherish, and that all of us will accept our role in sharing the faith and building up the body of Christ in this portion of the Lord’s vineyard. Masses on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be held at 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM, on Monday, August 15t, and although the obligation to be present at Mass is lifted this year because of the proximity of the Solemnity to Sunday, it is never the less a holy day, our patronal feast day, and so a day when we are strongly encouraged to join with other members of the faithful to celebrate Mary under this special title, and to pray for our Diocese and as ever, a world very much in turmoil and in need of the maternal intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption!

Cross Catholic Outreach: On next weekend, a priest representing Cross Catholic Outreach will be present to speak at all the Masses about the organization’s outreach to many in need across the globe. This is yet another effort organized by the Church to fulfill its mission in Christ to be good news to the poor. Surely we will be inspired by the testimony to be given concerning the good works being accomplished out of Christian compassion and charity and welcome this good news about the Church which we seldom hear in the media.

Who Will Benefit From our Super Summer Raffle? The organizations and ministries of our parish, including Catholic Women’s Club, The Knights of Columbus, the 50+ Club, Walking with Purpose, The Celebrate Life Ministry, and Matthew 25, a fund that enables us to sponsor a weekly Food Pantry and to provide assistance with basic necessities for those in need seek our help. Those who take a chance for $20, or 3 for $50 and whose tickets are drawn at noon on Sunday, October 9th, will also benefit from receiving either the $5000 grand prize, the $2500 Second prize, or the $1000 Third Prize as well as 11 other prizes totaling $2500 ! So please help our parish organizations and ministries, and God willing, and a little luck besides, perhaps yourself too! Tickets have been mailed to all registered households and are available at the entrances of the church following the Masses. (You do not need to be present to win! )