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October 24, 2021, Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pro-Life Month: Some Final Thoughts and Suggested Future Action
As the month of October moves toward its close, there is perhaps no more convincing testimony in support of our need to defend life in the womb without any distinction than that provided by a person who survived an attempted abortion because two nurses with consciences took action to get her emergency medical care.

You would not know it by looking at me today, but in August 1977, I survived a saline infusion abortion; that saline infusion abortion involves injecting a toxic salt solution into the amniotic fluid surrounding the pre-born child. The intent of that toxic salt solution is to scald the child to death from the outside in. For days I soaked in that toxic salt solution, and on the 5th day of the procedure, my biological mother, who was a 19-year-old college student, delivered me after her labor was induced. I should have been delivered dead that day as a successful abortion.

In 2013, I learned through contact with my biological mother’s family that not only was this abortion forced upon her against her will at the age of 19 but also that it was my maternal grandmother, a nurse, who delivered me in this final step of the abortion procedure. Unfortunately, I also learned that when my grandmother realized that the abortion had not succeeded in ending my life, she demanded that I be left to die.
I may never know how exactly the two nurses who were on staff that day found about me, but what I do know is that their willingness to fight for medical care to be provided to me
ultimately sustained my life.

Excerpts from Testimony before Congress by Melissa Ohden – Founder, Abortion Survivors Network

In the near future, Massachusetts Citizens for Life will be gathering signatures for a petition which requests that the State legislature pass a law that would require that if a child is born alive, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, that all reasonable steps in keeping with good medical practice be taken to preserve the life of that child. Currently, under the Roe Act passed by the Massachusetts Legislature last year, a child born alive in spite of an attempted abortion has no legal right to life-sustaining medical care. As we accept the testimony of Mellissa Ohden, or visit the website of her organization and review that of over two hundred others who are alive when it was their mother’s intent that they not be, we should be able to support, without any hesitation, the petition to protect the lives of others whose lives would be in jeopardy under similar circumstances. The signatures will be collected on a weekend after all Masses at a location on the parish grounds; please look for a flyer in the bulletin within the next two weeks and listen for instructions as to when and where the signatures will be collected. Taking the five extra minutes it may cost to go to sign the petition after Mass may help to grant someone else an entire lifetime!

We Are Family-Annual Collection: Thus far 303 households of the approximately 2100 who comprise our parish family have contributed $116,864 to our annual collection. It is hoped that we will raise $350,000 to help replenish our savings after spending this amount to recently replace all the roofs on the parish buildings and to meet the other larger capital expenditures that inevitably arise in our efforts to responsibly maintain the buildings and grounds of our parish complex. The real goal is that all of our registered households, as well as those not formally registered but actively affiliated, would contribute something to this important annual fundraising effort and thus do their fair share as part of this family of faith to help with the costs of keeping up our spiritual home. An unsettling truth of church support, in general, is that 20% of the members provide 80% of the funds needed to operate and maintain church facilities. Christ the King Parish usually does better than that but perhaps not as well as we might, so let us pray that we will defy those statistics through the generosity of all of our households to the WE ARE FAMILY CAMPAIGN this year. The Campaign will continue through to the close of the calendar year, materials needed to participate are always available at the entrances of the Church.

October 17, 2021, Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Preparing for the Synod of Bishops: At a special Mass at the Vatican on October 10th, Pope Francis inaugurated a two-year preparation process that will culminate in a gathering of bishops from throughout the world in Rome in 2023. The Greek roots of the word synod suggest “sharing the road together” and that is what Pope Francis is asking us as a family of faith to do in a more focused way over the next two years by inviting the church at every level to engage in what the pope calls the “art of encounter” marked by listening and seeking to understand the other. “Every encounter, as we know, calls for an openness, courage, and a willingness to let ourselves be challenged by the presence and stories of others” . “It is a time to look others in the eye and listen to what they have to say, to build rapport, be sensitive to the questions of our sisters and brothers.” In this way, the Christian community may better reflect “the style of God who travels the paths of history and shares in the life of humanity.” The Pope asks every bishop in the world to celebrate the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit and encourage its celebration in every parish as well on the weekend of October 16th and 17th as a way to invoke the Spirit’s inspiration and guidance in this two-year preparation for the Synod of Bishops in 2023. Opportunities for dialogue will follow among individuals, groups, and organizations over the coming months on the parish and diocesan levels to assess what the Spirit may be saying at this time and to discern the directions in which the Spirit may be calling the church so as to prevent us from becoming “ a beautiful museum with a treasured past but little future. “ So let us begin to join in prayer today asking that our encounters and dialogue with one another will bear much good fruit for the success of the Synod of Bishops in 2023.

Points to Ponder: On the weekend of October 3rd the Gospel passage encouraged a discussion of marriage from an authentically Christian perspective as the homily. As several requests have been received that the points made be reiterated, these are included here.

• Marriage “in the Church” is not merely about the setting of a wedding celebration but the understanding of the very nature of the marriage itself in that, as distinct from the contract that is civil marriage, it is a sacrament. As a sacrament more than just a civil contract marriage in the Church is a sacred covenant which is to ever more become a living sign of the unconditional, unending love of God. The sacramental marriage of a Christian man and woman is meant to reflect the marriage of Christ the bridegroom and his bride who is the Church; such a marriage is therefore indissoluble because Christ’s union with his church endures forever. The permanence of marriage is indisputably the very teaching of Jesus himself as seen in the 10th Chapter of the Gospel according to St. Mark.

• The Church has a responsibility to always define, teach and uphold the ideal in all things essential to the Christian life, like marriage while having compassion for those who try but fail to live up to the ideal. Annulments then are the means by which, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Church shows mercy to those Christians whose marriages have failed to become the sacrament these are meant to be.

• While the Church’s ministers are happy to act in the name of the State when couples who wish their marriage in the Church to also be civilly valid, still the Church has no jurisdiction over the legal aspects of marriage, but rather has competence over its sacramental character. Thus civilly valid marriages that fail must seek a remedy through a court of law to obtain a divorce. Yet if a legal divorce itself does not rend the children of a marriage illegitimate, then certainly a Church annulment that discerns only the validity of marriage as a sacrament is not at all concerned with the question of the legitimacy of children. This is misinformation that is very harmful and needs to be challenged when it is being disseminated.

• The Church’s annulment process involves the study of a marriage to determine that there was a “defect of consent” on the part of one or both of the parties to everything that a sacramental marriage entails. This defect has had to be present even on the day that the vows were exchanged and if that is found to be the case then the marriage can be declared null and void as a sacrament in the eyes of the Church. When after studying its circumstances a sacramental marriage is declared by a Church Tribunal to be invalid then both parties are freed to enter another marriage in the Church if that is their desire. The Church, entrusted by Christ himself with the authority to bind and to loose in his name, is competent to declare whether or not the conditions for the valid conferral of a sacrament were present or not at the time of marriage.

• Ultimately, annulments release the parties from their sacred obligation to keep living the vows they made to one another before God which is a matter over which a civil court has no competence whatsoever, thus annulments are not superfluous to divorce if one cares about one’s standing before God, and ultimately one’s salvation.

• While a wonderful means of dealing mercifully with those who could not live the ideals of Christian marriage because they were at the time they entered it incapable of understanding, accepting, or promising to abide by these ideals, at the same time annulments permit us to uphold the teaching of Jesus himself that marriage in him through his Church must be indissoluble.

October 10, 2021, Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

WE ARE FAMILY CAMPAIGN: thus far 261 households have contributed $100,444 to our annual collection which is taken up to help fund the larger capital repairs and improvements needed to be made to our parish complex. Our hope is to replace the funds we used from our savings on deposit with the Diocese of Fall River to complete the recent replacement of all the roofs at a cost of $250,000. We must all be grateful to those who have contributed very generously thus far, and it is hoped that every registered household will participate to the best of their ability to help make this campaign a success because we are, as the campaign suggests, all members of the same family of faith who all share in the blessings provided us as a parish and so are asked also to bear our share of the costs in operating and maintaining it.

OCTOBER; PROLIFE MONTH: Please pray for a deeper respect for all human life from natural conception to natural death among all people of our State and Nation.

WRONG CHOICES: As some States seek to tighten controls on terminating a pregnancy after a heartbeat is detectable, unsurprisingly, so too are abortion rights advocates organizing demonstrations against the imposition of such limits. In news coverage, the demonstrators are often seen carrying signs which say “my body, my choice” or heard chanting that same slogan. The problem in asserting such autonomy as regards one’s body is that the premise on which it is based is fundamentally false; the developing child in the womb is not the mother’s body, it is the body of another human being! In this country thankfully we have abolished the right once quite falsely asserted that anyone could claim ownership of another person, thus that principle should apply here as well. Truly, the developing child in the womb is completely dependent on the body of its mother to survive and develop but is undeniably another human being who should have rights of their own, and first and foremost is the right to life itself. In any other situation, most decent people would find it reprehensible to even think that to prevent or to solve a personal problem anyone should have the right to kill another person who is seen as the cause or potential source of that problem; we would rightly accuse them of premeditated murder! Yet because in the earliest stages of life even though their heartbeats can be heard human beings are small and unseen, though morally wrong it has become legally permissible to “get rid of them”. We might ask how at the end that is really all that different from a moral standpoint than murders frequently and infamously committed by members of Organized Crime? What we need to do is to choose to face the truth about the life of the child in the womb so that we might increase our moral sensitivity to the wrongness of abortion. Yet at the same time, we should also be compassionate with the woman who finds herself surprised by an unplanned pregnancy because she is also a victim of untruths that are told to her by the culture in which we are presently living. That culture has taken sex out of its proper context in marriage and tells young people that this is a pleasurable activity in which they are free to engage without consequence with any willing partner, in other words, sex is being promoted as recreation without regard to its ultimate purpose in procreation. Yet what is true in accord with natural law because it is of God will always come to the fore no matter how hard some may try to repress or distort it, therefore far too many young people find themselves in the situation of “accidental parenthood” because the contemporary culture has badly misled them about the purpose of sex. Yet to keep promoting its falsehoods the culture needs agencies like Planned Parenthood to erase any evidence against the lies being told in regard to personal freedoms, but the cost is steep as it comes in nothing less than hundreds of thousands of human life each year. This is the sad situation in which we as a society now find ourselves today, and the only way out is to start telling the truth again even though many do not want to hear it: sex, in the plan of God, is a sacred act between a couple who love one another enough to give their entire lives to one another and thus properly belongs within marriage and new life is the potential consequence of that union. May that truth be proclaimed so as to set many free from making wrong choices with their own bodies so that they will be spared the temptation and ultimately the heartache of making further wrong choices in regard to the bodies of vulnerable others still in the womb.

COLUMBUS DAY: This week let us remember with gratitude the faith, courage and skill that brought Christopher Columbus and those who accompanied him from the Old World to the Americas, thus opening up for all who would follow the possibility of life in a new world of greater freedom and opportunity for prosperity. Let us take care to discover the truth, both the good and the bad, of European colonization here, and without disrespecting the dignity or rights of indigenous peoples who preceded us here, recognize the truth that the evangelization of this new world by first the friars and later the black robes who accompanied the explorers was a blessing of eternal value and consequence. Ultimately, let us all remember that all of us are wanderers and migrants in a world not of our own making where borders beyond the natural are only of our own invention. Thus perhaps we might look less unkindly as many seem to do upon those who in our day are only trying to do what our forebears did in theirs: to discover a place where there is better opportunity to live as human beings most desire and deserve to live, with dignity and the chance to prosper in peace.

October 3, 2021, Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Giovanni di Pietro di Bernadone 1181-1226: AKA Francesco the “ Poverello” or “little poor man” –who died on October 3rd at age 44 and became in his relatively short but most unusual life one of the most widely known and beloved saints in all of Christian history. Ironically, St. Francis of Assisi would probably not feel very comfortable in our contemporary culture so concerned with material wealth and comfort, yet he is still loved and admired by many even those who would find his humble manner of living in such stark simplicity rather difficult if not completely impossible to embrace. Yet perhaps we are not meant to live as Francis did, and as he asks his friars minor still to do, but rather, we are invited to accept him as a role model in that by his example he may be able to inspire each of us to better heed the gospel message and live a bit more simply than we already do. The wisdom of his very own words is a sermon that continues to echo down the centuries: “Remember, when you leave this earth you can take nothing with you that you have received, rather only that which you have given; a full heart enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice, and courage!” May our remembering this wisdom helps us to live the precious time we are allotted in this world well!

Blessing of the Animals: As is our tradition on Sunday closest to the Feast of St. Francis(October 4th) we invite you to bring your pets, leashed or caged as is appropriate, to be blessed in honor of this great saint who loved all God’s creatures and found commonality with them as brothers and sisters. The blessing will take place at noon this Sunday, October 3rd, in front of the St. Francis Statue which is located on the right side of the front entrance to the Rectory.

The Command Of Christ: Jesus Christ in his law of love is commanding that we have compassion and when possible we express that in concrete acts of care for those afflicted in body, mind, or spirit. This command then contradicts what is presently being promoted once again in the State of Massachusetts in An Act relative to the end of life options which is currently before both houses of the State Legislature. Taking one’s own life and asking a physician to assist you in doing so by prescribing a lethal cocktail of drugs because you have a terminal illness is immoral in every aspect. We simply do not have the right to take human life, not our own nor anyone else’s! The slippery slope on which we begin a rapid downward slide has already been seen to appear in those places where such unjust laws are passed because the falsely claimed “right to die” with supposed dignity quickly becomes the dreaded indignity of the “duty to die” so as not to be a burden on others by squandering on costly care the inheritance that your survivors hope to receive; nor to overtax the resources of society itself because of the investment in terms of personnel, equipment, and medication your care may require. So please read the insert included in this bulletin and contact your representatives in the State Legislature to register your opposition to these proposals which keep being brought up by those determined to wear the prolife lobby down so as to claim yet another illegitimate right that denigrates the inviolable value of human life and dignity.

September 26, 2021, Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

On Truth and Life: Ironically we live in an age of science that is supposed to be an objective search to discover the truth of things, yet at the same time so many falsehoods seem to be created and widely circulated in our contemporary world.. Tragically, this is presently the case surrounding the virus that is the cause of the present pandemic and the vaccines that have been created to stem the tide of infection. Thus, as the pandemic itself is denied by many of the effectiveness or ultimate purpose of vaccinations is questioned or distorted, this results in unnecessary illness, the overtaxing of medical personnel and facilities, and the preventable loss of thousands of human lives. Yet, perhaps this should not be surprising to us, as this has long been the case where human life is the issue, including capital punishment, euthanasia, and in particular, abortion. Indeed when the truth is inconvenient, it is denied or ignored to justify what is always morally wrong which is the taking of human life in any form for any reason. In a recent question and answer session with reporters on his journey back to Rome from Slovakia, when asked about abortion, Pope Francis told the truth quite bluntly: “Whoever commits an abortion, murders,” he said. “Take any book on embryology, those books on medicine, at the third week of conception, many times before a mother even realizes it, all the organs are there, all of them, even their DNA. It is a human life, period, and this human life must be respected; this principle is very clear!” Pope Francis said that those “who don’t understand” this principle must ask themselves whether it is right to kill human life in order to solve a problem. Of course, that is a rhetorical question as there should be only one clear answer to it, which is “No, it is never right to do so! “ Yet sadly the taking of human life is justified by many who ignore the science and try to dehumanize the life in the womb by referring to the developing child as impersonally as possible as “tissue” or by calling this new life “a fetus”. Science, in so far as it is conducted rightly, is never opposed to our Catholic Christian faith because all truth has its origin in God as Creator, and science, therefore, does not replace God but actually only reveals more of the marvels of the infinitely wise mind behind the design of the natural world. We are about to enter the month of October, traditionally a time to emphasize our duty to respect and defend human life from womb to tomb, let us do so by joining Pope Francis in bluntly and unapologetically telling the truth about human life, its sacredness, and inviolability, never hesitating to challenge any mere opinion to the contrary.

WE ARE FAMILY CAMPAIGN: The annual collection has begun and will continue through the close of the calendar year. It is this annual fundraising effort through which we are able to meet some of the larger capital expenses which we incur in the maintenance and improvement of our parish complex and grounds as our operational budget, funded by the weekly collections, does not have the resources to meet these. At this time we have completed the reroofing of the entire parish complex and are hoping to restore to our savings some of the funds used to pay over $245,000 in costs for this major project.

Thus far 177 households have contributed $69,414 which averages out to a gift of $392.00 per household; gratitude is due to all the contributors thus far for their great generosity. It is hoped that all households will do whatever they are able to do to help make this annual collection a success.

Red Mass: The annual Mass celebrated for the legal community will be held on Saturday, October 2nd at
4 PM at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Fall River. At this Mass, celebrated by Bishop DaCunha, judges, lawyers, and clerks who serve in the field of law and justice will be commended to the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of St Thomas More who is their patron saint and a model of integrity. Following the Mass, a dinner reception will be held at White’s of Westport. Tickets for the dinner are $50. More information can be obtained from Attorney Michael Harrington at 508-994-5900, or harringtonpc

Pastoral Letter: On Friday, September 24th Bishop Da Cunha has issued a pastoral letter to all the faithful, clergy, and religious of the Diocese of Fall River entitled Journeying Together: With Jesus on the Path of Faith and Hope. The letter focuses on three areas: Invitational Witness, Sacramental Living, and Vocational Pathways and the actions that individuals, parishes, and diocesan ministries are invited to take to make the vision of our local church as outlined in the letter more of a reality over the course of the next few years. All are encouraged to read the letter and its accompanying guidebook at: together.

September 12, 2021, Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Remembrance: On this weekend we remember all of those who so unjustly lost their lives to the terrorist attacks which took place now two decades ago on September 11th, 2001. In New York, 2,750 people, including nearly 400 first responders lost their lives that day, while another 184 perished at the Pentagon in Washington and 40 died as the airliner in which they were passengers or crew crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania indicating that they had fought its hijackers and successfully prevented that plane from reaching its still unknown but certain target in Washington or elsewhere. We should also be aware of the hundreds of others who did not succumb that day, but who have suffered greatly and many who have eventually died over the past twenty years from the residual effects of being exposed to toxic dust and fumes from the collapse of the Twin Towers as they took part in the search and recovery efforts that followed for months thereafter. So much senseless death and destruction, so much grief and pain caused by these still incomprehensibly cruel acts of violence carried out by 19 men sent on a diabolical mission plotted by a well-organized and funded terrorist network. What is still most disturbing is that this incredible evil was carried out in the name of God by radical Islamists who chose to focus on certain passages from the Quran that advocate Jihad rather than those passages that emphasize peace and in the process undermining the goodness not only of their own religion but to some extent further eroding confidence in all “organized religion “. Yet as people of faith who hold to Christ’s teaching of nonviolence, his law of love, and his desire for peace, let us redouble our efforts to be agents of goodness in a still very violent and troubled world. Out of the compassion that must characterize any who call themselves Christian, let us keep foremost in our prayers this weekend the parents, siblings, spouses, and children of all those lost in the terrible tragedy of 9/11 and its aftermath. Let us do our remembering and praying appreciating that emotions know no time; thus, if this infamous event seems like only yesterday to those of us who witnessed it from our television screens on that unforgettable day, we must sympathize all the more deeply with those to whom it meant that someone they loved was never coming home again and who have been bearing the grief of such a deep personal loss for twenty years now.

Raffle Winners: Congratulations to all the winners in the CTK Annual Summer Raffle!
$5000 Patrice & Ken LeBlanc
$2500 Frances C. Tkaczuk
$1000 Virginia Pappalardo
$500 Kenneth Dunn
$500 Sandra Myrick
$250 Bob Franey
$250 Madeline Ambrose
$250 Theresa & Terry Daly
$250 Jack Looney
$100 Bill Chapman
$100 Joanne Kurker
$100 Paul Corkhum
$100 Jan Targgart
$100 Diane Fernandes

Louis Panacione: 11:00 AM A Memorial Mass for Mr. Louis Panacione who passed away during the height of the pandemic and whose Funeral Mass was thus limited to immediate family only, will be held on Tuesday, September 14th at 11 AM, affording an opportunity for members of the parish community who knew Lou as a Eucharistic Minister and frequent daily communicant to join his wife, Janice, and her family, in remembering him and praying for the rest and peace of his soul.

September 5, 2021, Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

NOT QUITE BACK TO NORMAL: There was a sense last Spring that as vaccines effective against COVID19 were widely available, accepted, and received that during the Summer of ’21 we would cross the threshold to large-scale immunity and things would get back to as close as possible to normal. Yet as we move toward the Fall that is not really the case as the Delta and other potential variants pose the very real threat of serious illness among those unvaccinated and may cause breakthrough infections even among those who have been fully vaccinated. So in many places, students will be masked as they return to schools, as will many as they go out and about their usual business maintaining social distancing and being careful to frequently sanitize their hands. In our parish, we must ask any who are attending Mass who are unvaccinated to wear a mask, and while not requiring these for those fully vaccinated we are strongly recommending their use at this time with infections still prevalent. Our Religious Education Program will be hybrid, meaning that much of it will still be done online through ZOOM with efforts to hold monthly in-person classes as the pandemic conditions permit. Meetings of parish groups and organizations in the larger classrooms of the parish center will be limited to 12 people or less, masked and maintaining adequate distance and any gatherings larger than 12 must take place in the parish hall with the same precautions required. Communion distributed outside of Mass on Sundays from 11:45 to 1 PM for those for whom it is clearly not yet safe to gather in larger crowds or who are not yet comfortable doing so will continue indefinitely until the hoped-for day that it is truly safe for all to return to normal! While some may wish to criticize what they consider to be my over cautiousness, yet ultimately I must consider it my duty as a pastor to see that our members and visitors are as safe as possible whenever here in the parish for worship, meetings or activities. So as we move into the Fall Season, I must insist on the ongoing implementation of reasonable precautions on the part of all of us as a community of faith whenever we are here at the Christ the King Parish Complex so as to try to prevent any of our gatherings from becoming a likely source of widespread infection.

NOT TOO LATE TO WIN: If you are reading this at the 5:30 PM Mass on Sunday evening, then it is too late to take a chance in the Annual  Summer Raffle as the Grand Prize of $5000.00 along with $6000 in other prizes was drawn today at noon. However, t if you are reading this after any of the other Masses this Labor Day Weekend, then you still have the opportunity to purchase a chance or two to be eligible for the drawing. Books of Chances are available at the entrances of the Church; the donation is $20/chance or 3 for $50. Returns may be placed in the mail slot of the Parish Office until 11:45 this morning.

THANKS FOR VISITING: As the Labor Day holiday weekend signals the end of the Summer Vacation Season, and many of our summer visitors return home, a word of thanks is expressed to you for visiting our parish and worshipping with us during your stay here on Cape Cod. We are always inspired by the witness your bear to the importance of the faith and its regular practice as you make the effort to join us at Mass even while on vacation. We thank you too for your generosity to the parish during your time among us which reflects your awareness that what is taken up in the collection during July and August will be helpful in January and February when there will not be many extra people in the pews nor dollars in the basket. Our prayers for continued safety during this pandemic accompany you as you return home, and we look forward to your arrival back here on Cape Cod between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2022!

THE FINAL 7 AM MASS FOR THE SEASON: The additional Sunday Morning Mass at 7 AM added during the Summer Season will cease after this weekend until next Memorial Day Weekend. Gratitude is extended to all who attended that Mass and to the sacristans, ushers, lectors, servers, and ministers who were willing to rise early and come out to help serve at it!

BACK TO SCHOOL: As school bells ring for our young people at this time, perhaps many adults among us may still be in the habit of feeling that a new year of learning begins each September. This then is a good time to consider our own ongoing Christian formation that should not end with Confirmation or graduation from Catholic School but continue throughout our lives. Unfortunately, the unpredictability of the present pandemic still makes it imprudent to schedule more large group in-person gatherings than are absolutely necessary at this time thus the parish is not presently planning any formal adult formation classes or Scripture studies in the Fall. However, the parish will renew its subscription to WORD ON FIRE which allows all parishioners (and visitors) to access many video presentations and clips on a whole variety of topics on which Bishop Robert Barron and his associates speak. Bishop Barron is the foremost Catholic evangelizer of our time, truly the contemporary version of Bishop Fulton Sheehan, and his 10 part series CATHOLICISM might be considered a must viewing for all Catholics. You can share in the CTK Parish subscription to the WORD ON FIRE Website through FLOCKNOTE by texting CTKCAPECOD to 84576 or going to http:/