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WALKING WITH PURPOSE ~ Woman’s Bible Study

So Much More than a Bible Study. Have you ever considered that your day-to-day struggles are, at their core, timeless and universal? Though your challenges are deeply personal, they are also deeply human, and God has provided workable solutions for you through the teachings of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.

Walking with Purpose would like to help you enjoy a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ, nurtured through personal Bible study and small group discussions created just for women.


Walking With Purpose at Christ The King’s 2021-2022 season begins November 30 – December 2 and April/May 2022

This season’s Bible Studies

CHOICE #1 “BELOVED” is part one of a three-part series. This six-lesson bible study invites women to lay a strong foundation for our true identity as beloved daughters of God. “UNSHAKEN” is part two of our three-part series. This six-lesson bible study invites women to fill our spiritual toolbox with exactly what we need to grow stronger in our faith. “STEADFAST” is part three of our three-part series. This six-lesson Bible study will help you conquer your fears, and rest in the unknown instead of being paralyzed by confusion. In a new 3 book, format-It’s the starting point. It is an incredibly effective guide to the deep, lasting transformation of the heart and we encourage all participants new to Walking with Purpose to begin here, regardless of previous experience with Bible study. How can I conquer my fears? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in my life? What does the Eucharist have to do with my friendship with Christ? What are the limits of Christ’s forgiveness? Why and how should I pray? What is the role of suffering in my life? What challenges will I face in my efforts to follow Jesus more closely?

CHOICE #2  “BEHOLDING HIS GLORY” This nine-lesson study, Beholding His Glory, shows us how all Scripture points us to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We’ll learn to recognize and appreciate God’s plan for our own lives, His awe-inspiring majesty, and His desire for personal intimacy with each one of us. Experience greater victory in your personal life as you recognize the greatness and power of God. Receive an increase of trust in God as you see His plan unfold throughout Biblical history. As we look at Old Testament people and events, we’ll encounter problems that only Christ will solve, needs that only He will satisfy, and promises that only He can deliver, “BEHOLD YOUR KING” We’ll study King David, select psalms, the temple, and many Old Testament prophets, and see the ways in which they all point to the coming King of Kings, Jesus Christ. This nine-lesson Bible study is the second part of a two-part series and is ideally completed after Beholding His Glory. Receive an increase of trust in God as you see His plan unfold throughout Biblical history. We live in a self-centered culture that all too often leaves us feeling empty and dissatisfied. A fuller view of God and His glory is the perfect antidote, which you will experience in Beholding Your King.

CHOICE #3  “FEARLESS AND FREE” Fearless and Free is a Bible study based on the book of Ephesians. So many of us are wrestling through the reality that life isn’t easy, even when we are doing the right thing. Suffering can slam into us from left field, leaving us reeling. This study provides a firm foundation to stand on no matter what life throws our way. With an emphasis on healing and wholeness, Fearless and Free is the most personal and transformative study that Walking with Purpose has offered so far. This is what we’ll discover through the pages of this study: We need to WAKEN to the reality of who we are in Christ, and that we have an enemy who seeks to steal our true identity; We need to WRESTLE with the battle in our minds—bringing our thoughts in captivity to Christ; We need to be strengthened as WARRIORS so that we can move forward in life—not just surviving, but flourishing. Emerge with a life-changing depth of freedom and healing.

What is the attraction to Walking With Purpose?

WWP is a fresh, relevant and focused study of Scriptures, approved by the Catholic Church, that aims to open the heart where real change happens, and not just intellectual development.

With an open heart, we can receive God’s graces. Graces that He wants to bestow on us. When hearts change, so do behaviors and attitudes toward everyone and everything that is part of our life.


The women are truly glad to see one another and grateful to have a setting to talk about God, their faith, or challenges with it, and to share insights from the lessons with each other. They form a real sense of community.


Walking With Purpose is not a Walking Club.

Here is what some women have said about their experience:

My life is so much easier now that I have reawakened my faith. I can trust God has a plan, and  His will be best.”

I was brought up and to go to church. Later in life, I knew I needed to go. Now, with all I have been learning, I want to go.”

I am amazed at how weekly topics do relate to my life. I am more conscious of my choices and how I interact with my family and others.”

That is the beauty of the program. We see ourselves changing. WWP is a life-changing encounter with Christ as we never knew Him. We are all seeking a relationship with God.  Each day He gives us opportunities to be closer to Him.


The beginnings of Walking With Purpose.


In the summer of 2002, Lisa Brenninkmeyer developed the bible study program called Walking with Purpose.  Walking with Purpose reaches out to women who desire to grow in their faith using a Scripture-based program that is fresh, relevant and focused on the conversion of the heart more than intellectual development.

WWP is a growing National program, that when we started our chapter in 2012, it had less than 1000 participants nationwide.   This year that number passed 40,000 women. That shows the true desire and hunger for a deeper spirituality, and for real connections with other women in the community.

WWP is part of the spiritual movement in the Church that is reaching more and more women and their families.  Last year our chapter had over 70 women, from parishes all over the Cape, who came together weekly, in small groups, to go over a Scripture-based lesson they had read at home. The women were of all ages and stages in life. Most had no Bible experience. Some were not regular churchgoers.

What they share is a curiosity and desire to examine their faith and their relationship with God, hoping to make it more meaningful, and, a conscious part of their everyday activity.

In regards to WWP growing, one of our members went back to her parish in Bourne, and has started a new chapter of WWP at St. John the Evangelist. From there, one of their members is starting a chapter in Wareham, at St. Margaret’s.


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