Pastoral Council

Shepherding the Activities of the Entire Faith Community According to its Mission Within its Means

The Pastoral Council of the Parish of Christ the King, consisting of sixteen members, is the primary advisory and consultative body to Fr. Healey.  As a group, the members represent the parish and plan, advise, and collaborate with him on matters of pastoral concern.  They work on long-range planning and advise, evaluate and support activities of the parish. The council meets four times a year unless it is necessary to meet more often. Please see below for meeting minutes.

Meet the Parish Council

L-R Terry Daly, Judy Warren, Francine Daggett, Dcn. David Pierce, Donna Erdman, Frank DiPietro, Bud Breault, Mary Becker, Fr. Edward Healey, Pastor, Laureen Fish, Marion Mooney, Janet Trask, Dan Hughes, Mike Kondracki, Dcn. Peter Schutzler, Dr. Craig Jones, Patti Bakaur. Absent from the photo is Kathy Laird, Faith Formation director.

Minutes from the Pastoral Council

The Prayer for Pastoral Councils

Lord Jesus, we meet here to share with our pastor, the wisdom that is your Spirit’s gift to us so that this community of faith may be shepherded gently, but certainly, in ways that lead to your kingdom. Through ongoing conversion of mind, heart, and action continue to fashion us as children who reflect the likeness of our Heavenly Father. Let all that we discern and decide here be provided by truth, justice, mercy, compassion, and love to be in keeping with the gospel you have preached. Our task is weighty, and we are weak, strengthen our desire to do only what is right, and in keeping with your holy will, rather than our own. Let our parish be blessed through us and the service, we desire to render to you and to our brothers and sisters in faith through our participation in this meeting this evening. We make this prayer to our Heavenly Father in union with you, his only son, and the power of the Holy Spirt, AMEN