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Renovation 2011


“Renewing God’s House” Photo Slideshow

January ~ April 2011




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Opening remarks by Msgr  Daniel F  Hoye
at the First Mass for “Renewing God’s House



Words of Gratitude
from Deacon Tom Palanza

April 9, 2011


Dear Friends and Benefactors:

This year we are suspending the annual “We Are Family” campaign because we are conducting a capital campaign called “Renewing God’s House.”

Our Church is over twenty-years old.  Just like in your house, things begin to wear out and need to be replaced.  And just like in your house, once you start to fix or paint one part of the house, the project often spreads to include other things.

Here is the scope of the project.

The Problems ~ Pews,
Sanctuary, Code Issues, General Upkeep and
Lack of Prominence ~ Tabernacle and Baptismal Font


Believe it or not, all the pews in the Church need to be replaced. Several experts examined the pews and all agreed that the only real solution is to purchase new ones.  The seats are of a particle board or plywood-like material and are fastened to the backs with screws. Over time, the pews have begun to fail.  It is a safety issue that needs to be addressed.  The new pews
will closely resemble the style and color of the current ones.

Building Code and Safety Issues: Handicap accessibility to all worship sites; code and safety issues in the Choir, Music and Cantorial area. This is an opportune time to reconfigure and run electrical systems beneath the floor while pews and carpet are removed.

The centerpiece of the renovation will be a stunning stained glass window of Christ the King which will be back lit and placed in a new Reredos or “screen” behind the priest’s chair.  We will also make
the sanctuary handicapped accessible.  The tabernacle will be moved forward to give it more prominence.

General Upkeep and Maintenance: The interior needs to be painted and use of low maintenance materials to be introduced. Upgrades to lighting and audio-visual systems are necessary.

5Renovation_020Ceiling Renovations:  When the pews are taken out we have an opportunity to bring in lifts that make it more economical to work on the ceiling.  The current sprinkler heads will be replaced with recessed ones, the ceiling panels which have separated will be repaired and the “seams” will be improved with the installation of light weight crown molding, and lighting improvements will be introduced.


New Flooring:  The carpet has served us well for twenty years but it is obvious it needs to be replaced.  To make this the last time the flooring in the aisles will need to be replaced, we will put tile in the aisles, while maintaining carpeting under the pews and in the sanctuary.

Water to Sacristy and Vestry: Water must be shut off during winter months due to freeze-up Opportune time to run a need water feed beneath the floor while pews and carpet are removed. Baptismal Font has no permanent location and no ability to have a continuous flow of water.

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Solutions and Enhancements

Floo12Reno_webpage__9_r Plan:

Replace the pews with a new durable cherry-wood color model which looks
much like the current pews.

Replace the flooring in high traffic areas with non-slip ceramic tile with a porcelain inlay design. The pew area and the Sanctuary will be re-carpeted with a long lasting, soil-resistant carpet. The interior will be repainted.

The Sanctuary will be reconfigured and somewhat reduced in size. One step will be eliminated for easier access on and off and a ramp will be added for handicap accessibility. Reducing the size of the sanctuary will allow for additional seating in the worship area.

The Choir, Music and Cantorial will be renovated to meet current building code and provide additional seating. A permanent Cantor’s platform will be added and the music area redesigned. Electrical floor components will be added beneath the flooring to meet safety codes and to provide for better audio.




Sanctuary Modifications:

14Reno_webpage__11_The Sanctuary will be reconfigured, somewhat reduced in size and be made
handicap accessible. In addition, there will be a multitude of modifications including enhancements to the Altar, Tabernacle, Ambo Lectern) and Reredos. The Reredos (the wall behind the Altar) will be re-designed using the same low maintenance cherry-wood appearance being used for the pews. A large stained glass window featuring Christ The King with two Adoring Angels has become available due to the closing of a parish in the Boston Archdiocese. This magnificent piece will be
back-lit and become the focal point of the re-designed Reredos.



Altar of Sacrifice:

The Altar will be replaced with one with cherry-wood accents and will feature replicas of the two Adoring Angels displayed on the stained glass in the Reredos.



Tabernacle/Altar of Repose

The Tabernacle will be moved forward to a position of more prominence
allowing it to be viewed from all four sides. The Sanctuary Lamp will be
relocated to hang from the ceiling directly above the Tabernacle which
will be illuminated by diffused lighting from above and below.


Baptismal Font:

In keeping with the entry symbolism of the Sacrament, the Baptismal Font
will be relocated close to the entrance to the nave of the church. It will be made of cherry-wood with a basin formed from a Corian-type material and its water will be lightly circulated to maintain clarity and purity.



The Ambo (lectern) will be replaced with a cherry-wood structure displaying inlaid brass reproductions of the cover of the Book of the Gospel. The Ambo will further have improved lighting to provide a better atmosphere for reading and for video taping homilies.


Computer Generated Views

These computer generated images depict changes and modifications to the
Sanctuary, Altar, Ambo, Choir and Music Area and Cantorial. Also, the
new floor covering is shown along with the modifications to the ceiling.
The Baptismal Font will be relocated from the Sanctuary to the entrance
of the nave. Note for purposes of this illustration, the chandeliers
and the pipes for the organ, which will remain, are not shown.The colors presented  in these illustrations depict representative hues, but not the actual colors.

 19Reno_webpage__16_  20Reno_webpage__18_ 21Reno_webpage__17_

We are hopeful we can pay for this through our capital campaign and not have to take out a new mortgage.

Several Memorial Gifts are available. Other giving opportunities may be structured to accommodate your needs. Gifts may be made through a pledge over time and donations of stocks, bonds or other negotiable instruments will be accepted.

Memorial Gifts  and Special Giving Opportunities

Memorial Gifts:

Stained Glass Window and Reredos
Ambo (Lectern)
Baptismal Font
Choir & Musical Performance Area
Pew Sectors (8)
Sanctuary Renovations

Special Giving Opportunities:

Benefactors – Pledge of $15,000 or more
Sustainers – Pledge of $10,000 to $15,000
Friends – Pledge of $5,000 to $10,000
Pew Sponsor  – Pledge of $3,600

Pledges for Memorial Gifts and Special Giving Opportunities may be fulfilled over a three year period with an initial payment of one-third the pledge.  Donations of stocks, bonds or other negotiable instruments will also be accepted.

Donations for Memorial Gifts and Giving Opportunities will be included on a special commemorative plaque in the Church entry.


If you have not received a pledge envelope in the mail please click “Mail in Pledge Form” to print.

Or make a credit card donation by phoning  the parish office at 508-477-7700 and your donation can be taken over the phone.
Thank you for your assistance and generosity.


(Rev. Msgr.) Daniel F. Hoye



Other gifting opportunities may be structured to accommodate your needs.  Please feel free to contact any member of the
fundraising committee listed below for more information or confidential consultation


 Gifting Committee


Monsignor Daniel F. Hoye – 508-477-7700 x 12
Deacon Frank Fantasia – 508-477-3116
Mary LeClair –  508-364-0741
Jim Vaccaro – 508-477-6053